Monday, April 26, 2010

A Christmas Cactus in the Spring.

Mary at Work of the Poet is the host of Ruby Tuesdays. Folks participating are usually on her blog linky on Monday evening. Due to the time difference world wide. This is a world wide Meme. I really love it. Visiting folks from Holland and the Netherlands is a joy. There are others from England and Europe, as well as the states. Why not join in this Tuesday. All you need to do is post a photo that you took yourself and has some red in it. Then link your post up with Mary at the above link(in Blue).

Remember me talking about my Christmas Cactus last winter? Well I thought I would share with you how it looks in the spring......

take A closer look....

Much closer look,
and remember it's the end of April!

I timed stamp the photo so you would see it really is April! This plant has bloomed like this for years. I really do nothing to it. Water when I think of it and Feed when it flowers.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Aloha fridays & Friday follow- A Question

Last night my neighbors had a party in their backyard. Sometime ago they put in a stone patio. I really haven't seen them use it much. Occasionally the kids have a group over, and they have had a couple family get together's. Last evening they had their fire pit going and candles burning all over the patio. the laughter and smell reminding me of Fall. I know that's crazy...It's Spring!
Your Question:
How often do you use your backyard for get-togethers, and what do you do?

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being Earth Day I have been working out in the yard. We had rain for two days and my 50 gallon Rain barrel filled up. So, today I set up the fountain and filled it with the rain barrel water. Also filled the bird bath with it. This is a Good thing, for I did not use reservoir water to work the yard. Hubby purchased another rain barrel for the front of the house. Although I just might put it in the back, haven't decided yet. I use the hand loppers to trim the bushes back. Great exercise for the upper body. In all, today has been a very Earth Friendly Green Day. The fountain is running on Solar power now, as well as our home. The meter is showing we are still feeding the grid. Mr sun is shinning great today and meeting all our electric needs. Oh, and in case you haven't been on my Living Healthy Blog, I am planting a tree in California at the Plumas National Forest. You can too, it really doesn't cost a thing find out how visit my Living Healthy with Auntie E blog. I got an email from Christin Gericke that there are still some available. You can still do something earth friendly today. Happy Earth Day Everyone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday-A Ruby Oasis

Creating an Oasis in my backyard is my dream. A few weeks ago wefound the furniture for the deck. As we began using it we realized that the bees, fly's, mosquitoes and birds loved it also. So, this weekend we put up a Gazebo. We have been sitting out there and working on Laptop or have a nice evening together. You will have to blow up the photo... so you don't miss a thing. Now there are several things one needs for this oasis. Flamingos are on that list, and mine move in the wind. The sound of water, The fountain will be up and running soon. The smells of Flowers, the lilacs are in full bloom now. The Oasis Gazebo, so it is called, has the netting to keep out the flying bugs. A stone patio for eating out.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lilacs are blooming!

Oh I just love the smell. Wish I could just give you smell-a-vision. I am sitting with the doors open and the aroma is flowing in with the breeze. I just love this time of year. I need to get out there an remove the winter ground cover. We had the lawn mowed so now to the beds. Oh the work has begun. this blog will explode now. I have a lot of new things to share.
Enjoy the Lilacs--- You can enlarge the second one for that closer view.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday-Tulip Time in DC

The rules for the Ruby Tuesday meme are: It must have red somewhere in it and be one you took yourself. Now Mary over at "The Work of the Poet" is the sponsor of the Meme. She has the Linky on her site, from there you can visit and/or join in the fun. I will tell you that this is a worldwide meme, you will go places you have never been and see very interesting things.

While at the Festival in Washington DC, we visited the Tulip display. Here are some photos.

This is just amazing, I love the color in the petals.
You can click on this one for that up close view.

Now these have a unique petal shape.
Click on the photo to see the petal closer.
I like the color striation from the deep rose red to the lighter pink.

The final tulip I chose is a Pink one, Okay that's a watered down red, right?
I have never seen one like this, the petal look as though the were shredded.
But No theywere not.
Now how can I have you leave without showing some National Cherry Blossom Icons. Every year we go to the Parade.
Let's give a hand to Mr Beaver....
He is doing a good job maintaining those cherry trees.
Take that up close personal look by clicking on Mr Beaver.

Look very close at this one (enlarge it),
for you will see how those flowers grow.
As well as some rubies.

Friday, April 9, 2010

A New Patio Look for Spring

I wanted a Patio furniture set, one that is like the inside home room, for a long time. Told hubby this was the year for it. We looked on line and at stores. Yeah that's right the cost was in the thousands, for my taste. So I decided I needed to scale back my desire. Disappointed we stopped looking. There was a Home show on the Post, we attended it. No furniture there but plenty of garden waterfalls and flowers. I fell in love with one of the waterfalls, yes that was in the thousand also. What can I say....I'm just made to like the finer things in life. Took Hubby out to eat at subway, could afford that. Afterward we sent to the Post garden center. Walked in the door ans saw this.........

Hubby set down and would not get up. I set down and fell in love. The price was right under 600.dollars for all four pieces. We called our friend, got the truck and brought it home. Now I am in Paradise. Sitting out morning and night, enjoying the spring air and flowers. We purchased cover to put on when the rains are coming.