Friday, April 9, 2010

A New Patio Look for Spring

I wanted a Patio furniture set, one that is like the inside home room, for a long time. Told hubby this was the year for it. We looked on line and at stores. Yeah that's right the cost was in the thousands, for my taste. So I decided I needed to scale back my desire. Disappointed we stopped looking. There was a Home show on the Post, we attended it. No furniture there but plenty of garden waterfalls and flowers. I fell in love with one of the waterfalls, yes that was in the thousand also. What can I say....I'm just made to like the finer things in life. Took Hubby out to eat at subway, could afford that. Afterward we sent to the Post garden center. Walked in the door ans saw this.........

Hubby set down and would not get up. I set down and fell in love. The price was right under 600.dollars for all four pieces. We called our friend, got the truck and brought it home. Now I am in Paradise. Sitting out morning and night, enjoying the spring air and flowers. We purchased cover to put on when the rains are coming.


  1. Love it! I would love this set on my deck too. Great pick!

  2. Perfect choice. I love the cushion color as well. Enjoy your new set!


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