Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Christmas Town

We went to Busch Gardens Christmas Town this year.
Here are some Outdoor Rubies
We were greeted by the carolers Oh the trees...All lite up...A beautiful siteWe even had Snow in the Polar villageRed doors and Green wreaths...
Invite you to Ireland
And of course we need...
Bagpipes playing Holiday Music.
Oh I really did love that place..
And the smells were so wonderful!
One more up close view of a colored tree

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Holiday Feeling

Our weather has that holiday feeling, Cold and Crisp. We visited Williamsburg Virginia yesterday and the wind had the chill. I felt like a great cup of hot cocoa our a cup of warmed Holiday Gluwine was in store. The shopping was great we walked around the Colonial Merchant market. I love the feeling and sites of the colonial town. The singers were out and the stores sent our minds back to the past.
Arriving back at home it was in the low 30's. Oh yes it begining to feel like the Holidays are approaching. Today we will start decorating the yard. Light on the gazebo and making a Charles Dickers Christmas Carol setting. I will be great to set by a fire and in a Victorian setting.

We do have different areas that can be decorated in styles. Visiting the Christmas town at Busch Gardens made me in the mood for this years decorating. That place was wonderful. We will surely need to revisit soon.

Now the weather is getting more and more winter like and I am ready to make our Christmas village in our side in the yard.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Fall Beauties

It is fall here , thought I would give you some views of Fall around me.

Playing with my Photo program I have enhanced a miniature Fall Train from Longwood Gardens.
Click photo to get the full view
Franks Produce is a place that we love to visit
for local grown produce and plants.We planted some Mums for the fall
and spruced up our driveway. Headed South for the Thanksgiving Holiday,
we got to see some Fall colors.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Fall Lazy Flare

While taking photo's of Some Ruby Fall flowers. which hubby gave me. I noticed something in the Tree.
Stepping out to take a Photo of the tree. Can you see it?.....
Here is a closer view...
That's right it's a Red Squirrel sunning on the limb.It just sat there while I took photos.
I never saw anything like this.

Oh yes here are the original rubies I was taking.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Awaken to a Fall Treat.

Oh, I just love the colors of Fall. This morning I was up at 5:30AM. The sun was just coming up and the view from the solarium was so golden. I grab my camera and run out in the 32 degree weather to take this photo. Yes still in my PJ's, but the sight was so marvelous that I just couldn't contain myself.
The view of my Backyard

I think Fall is my most favorite season. Each year I get this feeling of joy. I love the way the air feels, the smell of burning fireplaces and the colors of all the trees. What a beautiful world we life in!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Nations Capital Sighting

Today we Vote, here in the USA. I thought I would give you some Rubies of our Nations Capital, Washington DC.
Our Nations' Capital Building

*Quote is from the Smithsonian History Site. It is Hyperlinked to learn more about this building.
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