Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ruby Tuesday--One Ruby Ball

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I Planted ground cover under a tree by the side brick patio. I have always loved Brick Patios since I was a child. There is just something very quaint about them. This is one of the first thing we have put in upon purchasing the house.

The Bricks are called Cathedral , Color Red/Black. I really like the shape and the soldiers brick placed around them enhances the Cathedral Style bricks. Here is a closed up view.

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Now here is the Ruby Ball, I bet you thought it was the ball in the first Photo.
While tended to the Pachysandra Terminalis {Japanese Spurge} I spotted one Red Berry. The birds must have missed it. I just had to take a photo right then in fear of a bird watching and waiting to savor the taste. We all know it's about the moment of opportunities.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nature In My Yard

We have 2 Bird houses. Both are active. The first one was here when we moved in 9.5 years ago. Birds occupy this one all the time. It seems that different birds use it though out the Spring and Summer. Robins, Chickadees,Sparrows and Wrens are among the Nesters. The Robins start out in the house then move to another location once the birds outgrow the house. Watching them building a new nest is fun. I have never been able to catch them moving the chicks. It isn't long before another family occupies the house. A chickadee family has moved in to set up house.
This one is the home of Sparrows. The little one are now ready to began flight. The parents kicked them out and now are watching them. See the one in the picture perched on the side? It just did not want to fly. We watch it for a while and the parents were yelling at it. It just sat there. Earlier hubby found it in the shed, we kicked it out. Now it is still in the Bird house home.

Here it is on top of the house just a few minutes later. It wasn't long before it was in the house.

This is the older birdhouse. Can you see the little peeps beaks? What a riot, they made a lot of noise. These were robins, they are now in flight, out of the house.
We have a bird that visits the fountain daily. It likes to take a bath in the top under the fountain flow sprayer. I managed to take a photo, although I had to take it from behind glass. He comes back several times. I just could not get over the tenacity of that bird.

Now to the rabbits, we have quite a few. Here is one for your viewing pleasure. I enjoy watching them on the deck and in the yard. Earlier in the spring we had a family killed. Managed to safe a couple of the young babies. Released them into the Known Rabbit hole. So one of the bunnies comes up to the glass doors and look in. I think that might be the one we had to feed for a couple hours. He was so little and size of my palm. We later released him into the Rabbit Hole.We have other critters in the yard. As I catch them on camera I will post more through out the summer.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Confused Bee....

Raining Today... I wanted to post all about the wild life in my yard. Been taking photos of it. Will post it next Week. For today I wanted to post a Photo of an Confused Bee. While outside yesterday setting up for the School's Out Party, Dad and I saw this bee. He was flying around the Easter Lilly (a Late bloomer this year), not sure if he really wanted its' nectar. It was odd to me, but I guess this bee had not seen an Easter Lilly Before,lol.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Brush Roses

These are roses in my Garden. It seems they get Redder each year. The Variety is English Bush Roses. I cut them back in the fall, they flower through out the Spring and Summer. Because they are not your traditional Rose they really add to the garden. Growing different kinds of roses is a joy. I am always looking for different variety of roses to add to my garden. Suggestions are welcomed.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Ruby Tuesday- Longwood Gardens

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One of the Gardens we love to visit is Longwood Gardens located in Pennsylvania.This is a photo of one of the fountain areas. They have fountains all over the gardens. All the fountain are working at the gardens. It is a lovely walk though the park.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Garden Snake,Oh My!

Getting the bed ready for plants I moved a garbage can top. I had been cleaning up the area and hubby had taken the garbage can out to the recycle pick up site. Now the Top had been left on the garden plot area. when I lifted it a Garden Snake was under it! At first I was taken back, then I just watched him. He was looking it me and then slithered on his way. Garden snake are good so, I will not move him to a location across the way. However I got to thinking about my Nephew, he is 5 and I can just see him picking it up and bringing him to me.... saying "Look Auntie E what I found". So today at church we asked what he would do if he found one . To my surprise the answer was, beat it with a stick! All I can say to that is... Watch out Garden snake! Critter is coming next weekend!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Song post Worked?

My song post worked the rain has ceased. Mister Sun is out and I managed to increase the alkalinity in the pool. Now that nature has topped off the pool, how Green is that! I can get to the swimming fun this weekend. Pool water temp is still at 66, however that is warmer than the Ocean or the Bay was. If the weather people are right ,the temps should be in the 80's for next few days, good for the solar heating of the pool. We only use Solar to heat it. So, on with the cookouts and fun backyard times. School is almost out and we need to plan for that party! IT"S SUMMERTIME........HERE WE GO......

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain,Rain,Go Away.....

You know that child saying...Rain,Rain Go Away Come back another Day... That's how I feel ! It has been raining for five days now.
The Pool is filled to the brim and over flowing.
The Fountain is so full it is going over the sides.

Our Sump pump is on Non-stop, We have a new one waiting to take over. Hubby woke up one morning and heard the pump running and making a funny sound, he unplug it then waited and plugged it back. Finally reset it's self. However, we went to Homedepot to get another. The area is under a flood watch....I just want to get the pool ready! I need to adjust the levels, but now with the rain I'll need to wait to see what they end up being. Water logged and no end in sight. How's the weather where you are?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Death of an Old Tractor?

The Old Tractor.

It's a red Wizard with a Briggs and Stratton engine, bought by hubby and me in 1989. We lived on a farm in Missouri. Hubby was stationed there. We rented a 19 acre farm. All the grass cutting and farming activities made it necessary to get one. When we moved to Korea the tractor went to Mom and Dads. They used it to cut the grass and do various lawn work. That is where it is to this day. It was not working , thought it had passed on to... Tractor heaven..Not so! We managed to shock it back to life using the cars' Life source. Today it will start it new life working for Dad's Yard.

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