Saturday, March 19, 2016

Spring Projects.

The end of last year our sewage line broke. Causing the front yard to be dug up. Now that spring is almost here, it is time to get it back to normal. In the next few weeks we will be having the sidewalk,  grass and the landscaping rocks replaced. We decided that the area next to the house needed to be Rocked. On the the problems we had was the mowers hit the sewage pipe often. this cause some of the problem. Putting stress on the old pipes. to keep this from happening We are landscape that area with river rock.

When they dug up the yard it destroyed the grass, We are having that replace with area Sod. The landscapers we are using we have used before. They sodded the back yard which turned great. Using local sod from local sod farm. Freshly cut.

The sidewalk needs to be totally replaced. It is a Stained one, We are having them mix the stain in the concrete. That way it will not peel, as it does on newly poured Concrete. We learned that several years ago on our driveway.

So the project will start in a couple weeks. I will add some photos then.