Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -A Ruby Studebaker

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While searching through my photo for something Ruby,I found this Studebaker. Interesting Color, don't you think? I found the Studebaker National Museum site. Complete with the history, which I linked for you in Ruby Red. The history of the Studebaker brother was very informative. The Museum is in South Bend Indiana.
I was trying to find out what year this make is. The most interesting thing is, this Automobile, does not have a Style emblem on it only three Studebaker ones. I think it is a remake of about the 1940 time frame. Mostly due to the front grill. I by no means am a car expert...so if you know give a shout in the comments. Anyhow it a Ruby Gem (and I would like it in My Yard!!).

Friday, October 23, 2009

Aloha Friday -outdoor fun.

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Do you like having or going to bonfires this time of year?

I really like the bonfires in the Fall time. There are several around here. Some Fall festivals have them and serve hot apple cider or spiced wine. While visiting Williamsburg there is always one burning. It really puts one in the Holiday mood when a Bonfire is around. The smell is so fall/winter to me. We have a fire pit in our yard and we do have fires this time of year in the evenings. My daughter love to roast marshmallows and I like to have spiced cider or Gluhwine

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Window Views-Lead Frame Windows

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I have always loved the old lead windows. When we needed to replace our front door, it had to be a lead framed window door. The side panel matches.
The one thing I like about the window is the snowflake appearance. Oh, Yes I am in love with snow. Maybe because being born the south, I didn't see real snow til I was 6 and then we kept moving farther north. Oh the snow just kept getting better and better.
As an adult I moved to Colorado where snow was born in my eyes. Vail and Aspen..skiing and hiking in the snow. I was truly in paradise. The trees glistened with the ice crystals, Just breathe taking. these window look like those ice crystals.

Peering through the window the object take on a different appearance. Somewhat like a fairyland view. Taking me to a Land far away. Here's a sneak peak.

We have the appearance of iced windows all year long.I can't wait til winter to show you the winter window view.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Yard fun.

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While at the Renaissance Fare we purchased a Macrame swing. It can hold two people. We thought we would use our Swing set as a base. You know once the kids get older the swing set becomes less used.

There are many yards that have unused play sets. We are finding another use for it.

The swing set.

Teen(15) and Critter(5) Playing

A time for sharing.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Rain has Arrived

The weather here has been rain for a few days. Rain can cause all sorts of feelings to arise. In our family it was raining when we said goodbye to Mom at the grave site. This weather reminds my Dad and me of that time.Thinking of Dad, need to call him, not sure if it is rain in southern Virginia.
Rain can also dampen the outdoor Autumn activities. This is Homecoming Weekend. We are suppose to have a parade and picnic. Will not be able to go because of this rain. What a bad ordeal for the kids! I hope it will stop long enough for the parade. Lord, Can we have a little sunshine for this day, Amen.
The Dampness can also cause sickness. Colds, Flu and Allergies seem to flare up in this Weather. All the kids I know do not like to wear coats, carry umbrellas or put on hats. Therefore they tend to get the sniffles. We parents know how long it takes to get rid of those!
I always thought when it rains the air is cleaned..Learned that was not the case! The doctors have told me that all the pollen from the trees and plants are washed in the ground. this cause more allergy problems. So the Drizzle rain and blowing winds are not good for the allergenic person.
Let's see if I can think of a positive view for the rain. It provide the plants with the needed food for preparing for hibernation. The slow drizzling rain allows the water to soak into the soil. I believe the rain can help with the break down of organic material. That's good for the green gases. Rain can also clean our roofs and cars from the pollen and dirt. I guess it is like the earth getting cleaned.
Rain is good for our water reservoirs. We need to replenish them often. Power is also enhanced with rain. The more water moving though Niagara Falls creates more energy.
We will have to get though this raining period and gloomy days. It is time to move indoors and plan out our flower beds for the spring. Still time to get those bulbs in the soften ground. it will be ready next week for the hoeing the planting.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ruby Tuesday-A Ruby Trip.

Taking a little break from the Yard and Garden this time. Wanting to share some fun times from my "Go West My Friend" trip

While we were in Williams Arizona we stop to get some gas. I was in the car and looked up to see this girl cleaning our window.

At first I thought, "Oh no we must be at a the full service pump". Now hubby was filling the car with gas. I got out of the car and asked if I could take her picture. Both of them started to laugh. You see Hubby had said to her" You better be careful my wife will be wanted to take your picture for her blog and then she will blog about you". Boy did he have me pegged.

Her name was Sarah and she works at the station. They will pump your gas, check your oil and wash all your windows. It is the only gas station on Route 66 in Williams that still gives you this kind of happy full service.

I went into the stations store and this is what I found.

A license I was sure I would need in order to make it though the rest of route 66 .
Oh they had every state one would go through and some that for military intelligence reasons would be handy to have. The Price was right, inflation had not caught up our UFO friends yet, only 1.75 per license. We all purchased a license-Okay several of them, one for each state we thought would be handy to have just in case; Virginia, Maryland, Arizona, New Mexico and the Route 66.
I was set now. U.F.O License in hand and headed to Area 51. Oh no! that's another story... I can not tell. Top Secret you know.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Red at the Malls

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Sunday after church we went to the Mall to eat at Nortons

Here I am, the seats were red and there was red pictures all around us. it didn't get photos of the pictures, thought they would not like me taking them.

We went afterward to walk a bit.
You know now I have to walk that good food off
The mall had these real red plants called
Hawaiian Volcano Plants (Red Anthurium).
These plants were in pots and lined the entire mall walk.
Here is a closer view.
I like them,because one had to look close to see they were real.

You can enlarge the photo for a closer view

Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Winds have Arrived

I really love the winds of the Autumn time. Sometimes they are warm and sometimes cool. I recall the times in Upstate New York, when I would be waiting for a bus to go downtown or walking to and from school. The leaves would be blowing here and there, sometime in a circle. Remember Winnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Woods? The blowing of the leaves? One day I was sitting in the house and looking out toward the brick patio, the wind was blowing and howling . All the leaves that were trapped in the corner where blowing around in a circle....OH, if I had just had the camera ready. I will be prepared for the next time, and it is coming! There are so many thing I like about this time of year. The smells of fireplaces, the Crisp air,the falling leaves and all the fall flowers. Roses that bloom this time a year are so precious. The berries are just coming out on some pants. Leaves are changing their appearances. These things show the beauty of our land.
Enjoy the changes as we explore this time of year together. It's Fall time Indeed. Autumn Has Arrived.

Photo "Blowing Leaves" by David Ross

Friday, October 2, 2009

Aloha Friday -Yard Decorations

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Do you Decorate your Yard and House for Holidays?

I like to decorate mine for winter. We tend to leave the deer,snowmen and tree lights up all winter.