Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruby Tuesday-Tulip Time in DC

The rules for the Ruby Tuesday meme are: It must have red somewhere in it and be one you took yourself. Now Mary over at "The Work of the Poet" is the sponsor of the Meme. She has the Linky on her site, from there you can visit and/or join in the fun. I will tell you that this is a worldwide meme, you will go places you have never been and see very interesting things.

While at the Festival in Washington DC, we visited the Tulip display. Here are some photos.

This is just amazing, I love the color in the petals.
You can click on this one for that up close view.

Now these have a unique petal shape.
Click on the photo to see the petal closer.
I like the color striation from the deep rose red to the lighter pink.

The final tulip I chose is a Pink one, Okay that's a watered down red, right?
I have never seen one like this, the petal look as though the were shredded.
But No theywere not.
Now how can I have you leave without showing some National Cherry Blossom Icons. Every year we go to the Parade.
Let's give a hand to Mr Beaver....
He is doing a good job maintaining those cherry trees.
Take that up close personal look by clicking on Mr Beaver.

Look very close at this one (enlarge it),
for you will see how those flowers grow.
As well as some rubies.


  1. How pretty. Tulips are such joyful flowers. My daughter just walked by the computer and she spotted the pictures and is loving them especially since tulips are her favorite flower.

  2. Those are so beautiful. I love the second one the best! Thank you for visiting me :) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  3. Those are so pretty. Can't wait to go visit the nearest tulip festival here in MI too. Happy Tuesday!


  4. Thank´s for sharing these beautiful pictures! I love tulips!
    And thank you for your comment on my Swedish blog!

  5. I didn't know there was a parade connected with the cherry blossom festival. Very nice. I have trouble with tulips. Something eats them and they don't make it past the first season.

  6. Those are lovely tulips! I planted bunches of bulbs last year and now I'm waiting to see what comes up!

  7. Fantastic pictures, I love Spring flowers!!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  8. These tulips are beautiful. You captured their beauty. I love tulips i wish they bloom all year round too bad only spring time only.

  9. Tulips, tulips everywhere and yes spring is finally here. Nice shots.

  10. What beautiful tulips! I wish mine were n bloom.

  11. Those are wonderful tulips. I am glad you could visit at this time. Did you schedule for tulips or were they blooming by accident?
    We drove through D.C. one time in March, it was Cherry Blossom Time. We've been to the Capitol since a few times but that time it was moving to Texas forever time.
    Happy RT! :)

  12. oh my those are series of lovely flowers :) thanks for sharing sis!

  13. I can't decide which tulips I love best as they are so gorgeous in different colors! something we can never find here in the tropics.

  14. tulips are such beautiful blooms, aren't they?

  15. Very beautiful. Don't you just love those frilly parrot tulips?

  16. I'm always fascinated with tulips. Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers.

  17. lovely tulips, looks very refreshing! what amazed me was the rainbow, are they made of flowers too? such lovely creation!

  18. VERY cool - that first shot blew my mind!

  19. All of the pictures are great, and I really like that second picture. The colors in that flower are such a good combination.

  20. How wonderful! I adore tulips but they don't grow well here, I rarely see them even in shops.

  21. Wonderful photos, auntie E. Those tulips are such vibrant colors. I tried to grow them once, but it was a dismal failure. Thanks for sharing these. Happy RT, and thank your for visiting my RT.

    Eaton :))

  22. Just taking a tour of a few of your blogs...
    I am waiting for my tulips to bloom, not to long I think... I have never been to a tulip fest, It must of been heavenly! Faythe @Grammymousetails

  23. A beautiful flower show and a dive into colors, forms and shapes.
    Tulips are beautiful, they even die in beauty.
    Mine have not yet unfolded.


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