Monday, April 26, 2010

A Christmas Cactus in the Spring.

Mary at Work of the Poet is the host of Ruby Tuesdays. Folks participating are usually on her blog linky on Monday evening. Due to the time difference world wide. This is a world wide Meme. I really love it. Visiting folks from Holland and the Netherlands is a joy. There are others from England and Europe, as well as the states. Why not join in this Tuesday. All you need to do is post a photo that you took yourself and has some red in it. Then link your post up with Mary at the above link(in Blue).

Remember me talking about my Christmas Cactus last winter? Well I thought I would share with you how it looks in the spring......

take A closer look....

Much closer look,
and remember it's the end of April!

I timed stamp the photo so you would see it really is April! This plant has bloomed like this for years. I really do nothing to it. Water when I think of it and Feed when it flowers.


  1. Wonderful Ruby Tuesday post!Look forward to *seeing* you again next week!

    Mine's here!


  2. It looks great - and how fun that it blooms in spring :).

    Do check out my photography shop if you have a minute - I have some florals that would be perfect for a vintage style room, and there's even a photo there of bolts of multi-colored fabric which would make a great inspiration piece.

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  4. I just noticed yesterday that my Christmas cactus is about to bloom too. They really are pretty plants when they are in bloom.

  5. Wow, yours is still blooming. The Christmas spirit remains, we would hope for much longer. Although I fear that our cat would feast on the delicate blossoms if ours were still in bloom...

  6. It's just beautiful, Auntie E. Smart plant to prefer the Spring! :) Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday!

  7. never seen such a plant before and it's really nice! it has its own schedule too:) happy RT!

  8. I guess this cactus is a little confused...but that's OK. ;)

  9. Love you Christms cacuts. Reminds me of the ones that my grandmother always had. They blloom forever it seems.

  10. Ooh it's cute a cute plant! It's leaves are just simply interesting. I love it!

    Here's My Ruby Tuesday: Red Buses

    See yah.. ;-)

  11. awh memories of my lovely MIL she had such success w/ those

  12. Beautiful Christmas cactus. I used to have one of those years ago.

  13. We never seem to get flowers on ours...

  14. My experience is like yours; the Christmas cactus has a will of its own.
    They come and go in their own time.
    One's gotta love them.

  15. we have an heirloom if you choose, it was from hubby's grandma, and she had it outside most of the time, except for winter, but could never get it to bloom. She gave it to hubby a year before she passed away... and it wasn't until we moved into our current home that it finally bloomed and like crazy( about 19 years ago)! Not every year, and sometimes more than once. but if it does it usually blooms closet to Easter... and I recall some being called Easter cactus. the base of ours is like a tree stump! every so often we have to chop off some hunks. I re-pot them & give them to family members to remember their Grandma/great-gran.
    Faythe @GrammyMousetails

  16. You are keeping your Christmas cactus in good shape! We have a poinsetta that has put out mostly all new leaves. Some of them are red.
    Happy RT late! Thank you for peeking in on my kiddos.


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