Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Crazy 2012 Weather

The weather has been crazy. Yesterday we enjoyed 60+ degrees. Now that was a great day. Felt like a warm spring day. Or maybe a winter in Florida! Yes we are in the Eastern coast and it is Winter. However, the temps have been all over the place. We have seen no snow that stayed on the ground. Did have a little flurries once.
Now last year it looked like this
End of Jan 2011
a snowy night.
This year we set on the porch and enjoyed the spring evening.

Each year has a different pattern for weather. so unpredictable, Even the mountain resorts are having to make snow in our area. I have not made plans to go this year. We are having a family winter fun in a couple weeks at White tail. I hope there will be natural snow for us. If not we can enjoy some drinks as we sit by a fire,or a walk in the cool air.

So, How is your neck of the woods, Is your weather acting like your season?