Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Garden Secrets.....

Check out Work of the Poet for more rubies.

The Children Garden at Longwood Gardens is a great place.
I love the sign as you enter.

Okay I know there was no red there..It's coming up. I just had to prepare you for this one.
All gardens are fun when there is some mystery involved. I remember reading a book called the "The Secret Garden". A great book! A couple children find a garden hidden behind a wall. This garden has all the mystery a child could enjoy. So here is some of the Mystery for you.
(All photos can be enlarged.)
Can you see the ruby behind the plant?
What could it be.....

We will have to go through some doors to get to it.
This I found on my way.
Can you see a little more of the mystery here?

We are almost there...
but wait what's this...
A Ruby indeed.

we have arrived...
this is what was behind that plant.
Mr sun has come out to play.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blue Monday- The Blues of my Weekend.

While visiting the National Aquarium we step into the Blues of the ocean and land. Here are just a few.Click on all the picture for a closer view.

Blue In the Rain-forest exhibit.

Blue of the Seas.

Blues of the Oceans Jellies

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sky Watch- What do you see?

I love these types of skies. It reminds me of the days we laid on the ground looking for things in the clouds as they floated by.

This is the skies of Pennsylvania ....
A perfect day for cloud dreaming.

{Be sure to enlarge them for a closer view}
So What do you see in them?

1. Oh is that Puff the Magic Dragons' head?

2. Okay this one is having a fun time on cloud nine.
What do you see here?

3. Now these seem to have trapped critters in them!
Do you see them?

Thanks for playing along.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Inside the Conservatory

Ruby Tuesday is sponsored by Mary over at Work of the Poet. All photos of taken by me and have red somewhere in them. Those are the only requirements for this meme.Visit Work of the Poet to add your link or to just visit Rubies from around the world.

Longwood Garden Conservatory is has over 5,500 plants species. It has 20 indoor gardens including a children garden. One could surely find some rubies there. the one thing I love about this conservatory is it changes with the seasons. So you will always see something new every time you visit. Their Greenhouse is one of the greatest known in the USA.

A View inside the Conservatory

A Venus flytrap.

Ruby seeds

Love these color blends

Now this is a ground covering I would love to have.
"Ornamental Peppers"

A close up view.

A glimpse of the Children Garden.
Painting the Dragon RED.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Longwood Garden Beauties

We went to Longwood Gardens over the weekend. They have some great rubies there. I love the Conservatory, everything is laid out just right. When you walk into the Orchid room the smell overwhelms you! It is always that way. There were so many this year that had Red in them. Maybe it because we are always looking for the ruby color that the family eyes spied them. So here we go enjoy the view, Click on each photo to enlarge.

The Orchid Room- One of the walls.
There are four walls.

This is the Beethoven.

Known as the Rouge

This one was my favorite this year.
The colors are great together.
Love the ruby tips
I tied to get a great shot of its Ruby color.
It was much more ruby than these show.
The last shot is a closest.
Velvet texture is hard to Photograph

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earl is out to sea....

Yes that's right I was right! No Hurricane or Tropical Storm winds for us. We got no rain for Earl. It is a bit windy today, the gust are a little like the start of the fall season. Temps are in the upper 70's. A great day for working out in the yard. I will be sprucing up a little this morning. Hubby is working for a while and daughter is at a friends. So that gives me time to work out in the fresh air. we are going to Longwood Gardens Later on Some I will have some great photo to display Next week.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl-Preparing for his Arrival

It has been a few years since our last Hurricane in this area. It was Isabelle, we were out of electricity for 7 days and it was a mess. Since then we have acquired some new things in the yard. Today we are looking at ways to Secure them and Protect our home. Earl is a Category 4 at this time. Expected to gain more speed before land fall. We could get some heavy winds here. As to Water.. the only waterway close by would not affect our home area. this is a very seldom thing for us. we have protected our house since Isabelle by adding windows and siding that can withstand the high winds. So now it is preparing the furniture and Gazebos to withstand the Tropical force winds. I have been following Earls path through StormPlus Hubby thinks at will be close to us. I do not see that. we have a cold front coming our way which seems likely to push it out to sea. However I will prepare for tropical force winds and blowing rains. We will see how this goes. I will update on this site about Earl the Hurricane.

Cleaned the pool out and changed the filter. Our temps have been in the upper 90's so the water is still warm. I hope to continue to swim through the next few weeks. We have a solar heater which I will be hooking up to extend the pool time into October. this will be the first year I try this method. With the high heats we have had a great Summer pool season.

Above icon photo courstey of NOAA .To get hourly updates click on blue NOAA for link.