Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Winter Vacation

Well we went on a winter vacation to the Mountains. Was able to do some snowshoeing. I love to walk around and looks for tracks. We found quite a few. well be posting them later this week. stay tune.

We are expecting a winter storm late tomorrow. So I will have camera in hand to share some sights. Hope you all are enjoying the outdoors. Be sure to stop by on Thursday for a guess the track.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coldest Time of the Winter.

We are in the mountains of Western Maryland today. Decided to have a long weekend of Snow Fun. Last night the temps were in the low single digits. With the wind chill it was in the negative numbers! Needless to say we did not go Tubing. It was just too cold. We did arrive about 6pm, so we settle into the rental home and then went out to the market and grabbed something to eat. The ride takes about 3 hours from our home to Wisp. There is plenty of snow here and it was snowing last night. The cross winds are wicked, blowing drifts across the road. Looking like little tornado's twisting in the plains of Oklahoma! Oh yes this is the winter here.

Today we plan on doing some Snowmobiling and then maybe some tubing. I will love to sit by the fire at wisp. When we were here a few weeks ago, There was a great fire at the ice-skating outdoor rink. The photo of it is above. I Love to sit by a fire in the outdoors, there is just something about fresh air and the smell of a burning fire. The warm and coldness at the same time. I takes me back to my younger years living in Colorado.

(Wisp, fire at the rink)

This will be the first time for me to do snowmobiling. Last season, I went snowshoeing while everyone went snowmobiling. I saw them flip it and then that was the end of that ride. I took me 30minutes to get to them. Due to the fact I was by the lake and had to go around it. I vowed I would never ride on one. Well here I am, going to drive one for the first time in my life! Everyone says I will love it, we will see.

The weather is suppose to be on the low teens this morning and the entire day, so we will layer up. maybe we will rent some cross country skis and do the Nordic trail afterward.

How the weather in your neck of the woods?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weather update here. Winter mix has arrived....

Today we had a nice winter day, however this evening and sleet and ice/snow mix arrived. It looks like it will be with us throughout the evening and into the morning hours.
It is a good thing I had a change the cover and prepare the plants in the yard. Winter is a tricky time in this area. Sometimes the plants get the wrong message, and think spring is coming.
Writing about the yard and garden in the winter month can be challenging. However I love to plant winter plants. So the next few week I will be blogging about some winter choices in landscaping. For now the Evergreens are swaying in the neighborhood. I think one strong storm wind will bring them down. We had ours removed two years ago, due to this purpose. It was very scary to see it bend in the wind. Now looking at the neighbors, they are almost touching the house tops. I will keep an good eye on them. Stay tune to the winter post.
How are the trees in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow! Oh those Flakes....

Well, yesterday we got some snow. Not much but at least is stayed on the ground... the flakes were small and large. I like the large ones. Schools are delayed today in our area. However the road look great at our home. One of the problems is that I live in a very large county. It could be fine in one area and in the North Eastern part a mess. With the cities and country being so spread out, it makes the Public Schools have to delay and some time close schools. My daughter is not liking this this year. For if they call school closed , we will not be able to go to Canada in June.We have a Reunion to go to and was hoping to visit Canada afterwards. If school is called off even once then we will not be able to go. She will have to get back for finals. I am hoping the storms will choose times they have of school already.
Did you get any Snow yet?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Winter Weather

Here in Maryland we are having a mixture of things. One newscaster will say no snow and than another will say an update.... just in, snow in forecast. We will get a dusting and I really mean a dusting. It is gone by the mid day! Now I am not liking this one bit!
The cold temp and no snow on the ground. Everything is brown and the wind has a bite to it. How depressing is this.....

I think we will try to have a fire in the next couple day and roast Marshmallows, to make Smores. I least that will be a little comforting for me. Comfort food always pick me up. So Off to the Store for some Graham Crackers for the Smores. I can Just Taste them now. How the Weather in your Town? Any signs of winter there?

**Photo of last years winter-of course this was taken in the month of February. So I think there is still hope here.