Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gardens at Three Gables Inn.

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Today more rubies from The B&B we stayed at. As a stated on yesterday Blue Monday Post there were many gardens there. You may enlarge each photo by clicking on them.

Here is the back door entrance.
So inviting with the red screen door.
This house is a Sears built home from the 50's
Sit on the porch and make a wish grazing on the Red Ball.

Gazebos are always nice to sit in.
There was a table and chairs..
Just perfect for the morning Cup of Coffee!
And view of the Herb garden.

Railroad tracks, once very busy...
The first time we stayed there (11 years ago), the trains were using the track. You can see it just beyond the Gazebo. We laughed remembering the 2am Train. We stayed in the Americana Room and the tracks are just outside our window. At 2am I was awaken with a Light, whistle and the roaring of the train wheels running along the track.
Today there are no trains that grace those tracks. The trains have stopped coming to the town. So we slept well.
Now this lovely Fence runs along the track and a garden just in front of it.

A close up of the ruby ones

these colors I really love together!
I will have to see if I have any photos from years gone by.
It would be nice to compare them.
There are some changes in the landscape,
However Peggy still owns it and the food and rooms are still Great!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Blue Monday- B&B Garden

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On our Northern Sun Loop vacation we stayed at a B&B (Bed and Breakfast). Here are some Blue Monday Highlights of Her Garden.
( you can enlarge the photos for a closer view with just a click on them.)

The B&B sign,
Peggy is the owner of Three Gables Inn.
We always love to stay here.

Another sign with a bit of blue hue of her garden areas.
A welcome sign to her Guest.
A garden plot on her grounds.
Peggy has several garden areas.
This was one that was truly loved by Critter.
Due to the fact it had Chives...
Critter loves to eat chives right from the garden.
The smile on his face tell all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rubies views of Critter

Critter went with us on this years Northern Sun Loop vacation. We had so much fun. traveling from Maryland to Pennsylvania. Then New York to Canada . Finally to back to Pennsylvania where he met up with his folks. Here are some photos with bits of red just for you to view.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat on our trip.
See the man sitting next to Critter?
He got a kick out of watching Critter let his energy out.

Sitting room at the B&B.
Critter loved that place.
His first words were (as we drove up)
" this is a beautiful place"
Peggy always had great food.

at the Reunion- having fun.

At the City Park in Hubby home town.

Uncle and Critter at Tom Ridge Environmental Center at Presque Isle
Lyd & Critter at the Cave of the winds,
Niagara Fall ,New York

Critter at Niagara Falls, NY

The kids at Niagara Fall, Canada
Next to last stop....
Great wolf Lodge Poconos, Pennsylvania.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday-Niagara Falls

Mary over at Work of the Poet
has more rubies to see. Every Tuesday we post our rubies of Photos we take and of course it has a little red in them...to make them real rubies!

We are at Niagara Falls Canada, what a gorgeous view of the Falls. Our room has a wonderful view of the falls. We are really enjoying the view. I was told the falls from the Canada side is a better sight. They are Right!

Please click on photos for a better view.
Canadian Horseshoe Fall
The rainbow is always there.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

NSL and a Raining Morning

I woke up to rolling thunder. It sounded like some one was rolling trashcans around {it is trash pick up day}, or a freight train rolling on the tracks across the street{sometimes they can be pretty loud}. Now it is pouring out and thundering all around. Remembering as a kid and young adult having the windows open and smell the rain. What a great refreshing smell that was. It might be crazy but I love these types of summer storms.

I have to go get Critter (my G-nephew) in a while, so I do hope it stops by then. Driving in this down pour is not my desire. It is about an hour ride to his home. Critter is going on Vacation with us this year. We are going to be doing a lot. Our trip will take us to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York State, Canada and just maybe New Jersey. Then Back to Maryland.

Our "Northern Sun Loop" (NSL) starts Friday. Be sure to check out my "Auntie E's on the Go" Blog for Fun photos Live steamed while we are out. Here's the link. I will be sending at least one photo a day. You might want to sign up and follow that blog. Her is how I use it is... When I'm out and about I send live photo at real time. You see what I see at the same time. It such fun, my family is always saying... Mom take this is post it now. What a hoot I love it when they join in the fun of sharing to my bloggers friends.This trip such be a blast we have a lot planed. So when you see "NSL" before the photo you will know it's a vacation spotlight.

Oh don't worry folks we always have someone guarding our Home and a 24/7 Monitoring system in place for the grounds. People are always around. I would say we have a fortress of sorts.

Oh the rain is starting to lighten a bit. Now we have a steady rain. Thunder is moving away. This kind is so good for our lawns. I noticed I will need to figure out a rain guard for the Gazebo. The rain just pours on the door and screen.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- 4H Rubies

Mary over at Work of the Poet
has more rubies to see. Every Tuesday we post our rubies of Photos we take and of course it has a little red in them...to make them real rubies!

Some ruby views for you from
Our County Fair this week.

Fruits from our teen in 4H

these are the teen canning entries.

Now this is a crops yield-4H tent

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Monday- The New Shed

For some time now hubby wanted me to get my Gardening stuff out of his Shed. We built his work shed years ago. I have to admit is has become my Garden shed over time. He had a hard time getting in it to work!
The Old Shed-Hubby's Work Shed
We build this one ourselves in 2005. The year we got the hot tub and had to tear down a preexisting shed in order to put up the gazebo for the hot tub.

So We decided to build another shed, just for my Gardening stuff.
It is a Sears shed, Very easy to put together and great for any weather condition.
Hubby needed to build a wood platform, He use all treated materials. Due to the fact we live in a termite area. Our area is known as Termite Hill. We get our house treated every year.

Hubby putting up the New Garden Shed

The finished Project...The New Garden Shed
So now I need to think up a name for the shed. I put the Dragon sled there because I love the Dragon on it. Here is where you can help me out. Give me some ideas for my Garden Sheds' Name. I want to make a sign to personalize the Shed.

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