Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring has Sprung....time for a Change

Spring has had a rough time coming to our area. The last few days have been warm and sunny enough to start some projects. The first one is the Brick patio. It was first put in around ten years ago. We have re-sand it twice. The ants and weeds have been hard to keep up with. So, this year I decided after reading up on patios, to use a polymer sand.

We started by using our pressure washer to clean and remove the exiting sand and moss. After that we started to fill in the spaces between the bricks with the polymer sand. I used a large heavy duty zip lock bag, Made a small cut in one of the corners. This made it easier the fills the lines. Used a masonry brush to help brush the access sand from the stones.

It took three days to finish the filling. Then I  mist the whole area. It take around 72 hours to cure. I think it turn out great and hope that this will solve the ants and weeds problems. This also help in locking in the bricks, after the settling of them over the years.

A very nice patio looking almost like new.