Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ruby Tuesday- Fun in the Snow

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Thought I would show you my family having fun in the snow. When we got that first big storm we all adorned our snowshoes and went out for a walk. We are get prepared for that big snowshoeing event in the Mountains of Maryland.

This is daughter and me

Now hubby and me

Of course it was night and still snowing. A winter wonderland right in my yard.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

To My Blogger Friends-Via Blogworld Mail

To all my blogger Friends a Card for you. Posted With Love and Adoration. This has been a most Wonderful year for me, due to your visits and Love comments. I have enjoyed Ruby Tuesday's and sharing my Yard and Garden with you. I wish for you the Best for the remaining of this year and the next.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ruby Tuesday-Ruby in the Snow

This is a Ruby Tuesday Post
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Just waiting to have fun in the snow. A ruby came out to play.

It was snowing, I looked out the window and saw this ruby.
He played around while I grabbed the camera.
Can you spot him?

Here is a closer view.

His Red coloring comes out against the white Snow. I was so excited to see the Cardinal on a glorious snow filled day.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow,Snow,Everywhere Snow.

We went to bed Friday night with a dusting on the ground. Woke up Saturday with about 5 inches on the ground. It snowed all day and into the night. This morning we ended up with 18 inches. It was nice to have the snow for Christmas time this year. You see for several years we have seen no snow til mid January or February. Usually February the 14th, Valentine day, is when Mr Winter Snow would drop a big one on us. For he knows I love snow. Here are some photos of all our snow.

Saturday Morning
Sunday Morning

Fun in the snow.

Snow visitor sitting a spell.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -New York City Rubies.

Mary the teacher over at Work of the Poet sponsors Ruby Tuesday to see more rubies visit Work of the Poet.

A couple years ago we went to New York City for the Winter holidays. We love all the decorations and most of of the Ice skating at Rockefeller Center.
While at the Festival of trees this year, I spotted this, they did a great job on it.

Here are some taken some time ago. while we were in NYC.

My daughter Skating at Rockefeller Center

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monday Music-A Holiday Treat in Song.

Monday Music.
I found this animated version of a new 2009 song. It is by "Straight No Chaser "a group from Bloomington Indiana. We use to live there and really love it. It snowed a lot there. I remembered all the snow storm we had. Bloomington is a University town. They have a great music department. The other day I heard a song and fell in love with it. Yes I posted the group "Straight No Chaser" singing it on my At home site. However today, I found this version and just had to post it here. Enjoy the Animated version of the "Christmas Can Can".
Oh yes I pray for Snow! send some here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Gingerbread Village

This is my Ruby Tuesday Holiday Button. Mary the teacher over at Work of the Poet sponsors Ruby Tuesday. I enjoy seeing all the rubies on Tuesday. While at the Festival of Trees I saw this window. Loved the Red ribbon around the tree, and the feeling of looking into a window. So I thought it would make a perfect Holiday Button for Ruby Tuesday. You may take it for your Holiday Ruby Tuesday post through the season.

I am highlighting the Gingerbread Houses from the Festival of Trees this year. They were all amazing. You may click on each photo for the closeup view.

The Barn; be sure to take a closer look. the detail is great.

This lighthouse is for Mary the Teacher.
I loved the way they made it, Zoom in to see all the Rubies.

Who knew they could do so much detail in this village.
A must for that closer view

Sleigh ride
A Ruby ribbon received

This is one of my favorites,
I love the way the lights show through the windows.
click on it and get that close up view,
What a beautiful job and a
Blue ribbon Ginger house indeed.

Please leave your link so I can visit you.Thankyou.

For more Rubies visit Work of the Poet

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow Fall of the Season

There was a photo here, Kathy's Comments are no more.
Okay so It doesn't look like this yet....I can dream. As I look out the window the Flakes are big coming down. It looks like this photo the flakes are big and beautiful. Not sticking yet and probably will not for some time. The temp are still too warm. It does look nice though. the flakes are getting bigger and bigger as I am typing this post. Feeling like setting up the snow villages now. Listening to Snowing songs on the radio. They are excited about the first snow fall also. There is somethings about that first snow fall. I also bake Cinnamon buns on the first snow fall. So off I go to cook and get to those villages.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Christmas Cactus

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This Christmas cactus is about five years old. Every year it Blooms from Later November through February. Blooming longer than must do. I keep it out in the Sun room. The lighting and temp is perfect for it. I do not turn the heat on until the temp out side remains in the 30 and below. Then the heater stove is set to 63. Once she starts to bloom I will feed her. I have several photos for you, you can enlarge them for a closer view.

She was just budding here.
I placed her on the stove so I could get a good photo.
Normally she is high up on a shelve by the window.

Look closely to see the buds. Some are just starting.

Now they are starting to open up.
The Ball is a watering device that works well in distributing the nourishment to her

This is the flower in full bloom
you can enlarge her for a closer view.