Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Monday- The New Shed

For some time now hubby wanted me to get my Gardening stuff out of his Shed. We built his work shed years ago. I have to admit is has become my Garden shed over time. He had a hard time getting in it to work!
The Old Shed-Hubby's Work Shed
We build this one ourselves in 2005. The year we got the hot tub and had to tear down a preexisting shed in order to put up the gazebo for the hot tub.

So We decided to build another shed, just for my Gardening stuff.
It is a Sears shed, Very easy to put together and great for any weather condition.
Hubby needed to build a wood platform, He use all treated materials. Due to the fact we live in a termite area. Our area is known as Termite Hill. We get our house treated every year.

Hubby putting up the New Garden Shed

The finished Project...The New Garden Shed
So now I need to think up a name for the shed. I put the Dragon sled there because I love the Dragon on it. Here is where you can help me out. Give me some ideas for my Garden Sheds' Name. I want to make a sign to personalize the Shed.

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  1. Looks like a project is almost done. Happy Monday!

    Blueberry Lane

  2. My brain's not cooperating, and I can't think of a thing... Hubby's Help ... Dragon my gardening ... idk

    Happy Blue Monday, Auntie E.

  3. It is always nice to have another shed to store things in ... hm-m-m names?
    garden shed,
    flat shed (as it's flat against the wall)
    not very creative are they?

  4. Call it the FINAL SHED. It is the third shed I built in five years and I do not want to build another one. We need to start selling or giving away more of this stuff, for goodness sakes. Do I hear an "Amen" out there?


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