Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Florida's Beauties

While in Florida these Rubies were captured.

I love these Moss roses.
They are very drought resistant
The different colors are pleasing to the eye.
Click on Photo for a Much closer view

Hibiscus.. what a ruby indeed!
I have a tree however it is purple.
Now is purple in the Ruby family?
Well this one is a true Red Ruby.

To see more Rubies visit Work of the Poet


  1. Well now, isn't this place a great find. First of all, I love the flowery Ruby photos. Great job! No time to garden the past few years at my place, although I do plan on planting tulip bulbs this fall for next year. Red ones!
    I took a quick peek at your food blog, I'll be back. I like the stories with the recipes, that's the way I do it when I post food items.
    And I want to see the movie "Salt", and you had a review. Cool! Good stuff over here Auntie E. Thanks for stopping by at my plavce on thios Rubiest of Tuesdays.


  2. My mother-in-law just LOVED moss roses. Aren't yours gorgeous? Well, you didn't need ME to drop by and tell you that....you know already! And the hibiscus? One of my favorites.

  3. I learned by preparing my Monday post of our okra blossoms that okra is related to hibiscus. Looking at your beautiful red hibiscus blossoms, I see why!

    Thanks for stopping by GDP. We get lots of lookers but not many commenters. Every comment makes the effort worthwhile!

  4. Your flowers are true treasures (gems) especially the hibiscus because it is not just lovely to look at but healthy to eat/drink!

    Thanks so much for your visit and comment. Sorry, I was unable to post it because of the link.

    Take care & God bless.

  5. Love the Moss Roses. Thanks for the tip on these pretty flowers. I have a couple of spots where these would be very useful.

  6. Love these Moss Roses! Never heard of them before??! Wonder if they would work as a small area ground cover here in VA?? Very hot and humid here in the summer! Great pic of hibiscus too - I love them and always have one in a big pot on my front porch all spring and summer!

  7. Oh, that looks so colorful ! That's good for the mood !

  8. Pretty RED flowers, Auntie E. I don't know where you are, but here in Asia the hibiscus is everywhere and in so many colors, but I do think I love the red one best.

  9. I love the rose mosses in different color flowers, in one single plant? thats really neat

  10. Lovely flowers. Never heard of moss roses but they are very pretty. Drought resistent is good too.

  11. The flowers are gorgeous! Red is so beautiful in the garden.

  12. These two flowers are also common flowers in the Philippines because it stays pretty even if it's hot all the time.

    Barnyard Express

  13. In the Philippines we called it Gumamela. Thanks for the visit

  14. The moss rose is known as Japanese Rose here, so easy to grow them especially in our hot climate. Hibiscus too need plenty of sunshine, they are the national flower of Malaysia, a neighboring country.

  15. I'm here in SoFL and I love hibiscus. There is a fuchsia color that I am particularly fond of. It also makes a wonderful tea.

  16. Gorgeous flowers, Auntie E! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)


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