Monday, August 9, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- 4H Rubies

Mary over at Work of the Poet
has more rubies to see. Every Tuesday we post our rubies of Photos we take and of course it has a little red in make them real rubies!

Some ruby views for you from
Our County Fair this week.

Fruits from our teen in 4H

these are the teen canning entries.

Now this is a crops yield-4H tent


  1. Fantastic displays of beautiful fruit and preserves. Some big winners by the looks of it

  2. Beautiful photo of displayed fresh produce of fruit and canning entries.

  3. Wow, your wonderful photos take me back many years!
    I was in 4-H for about 10 years. Fair day was always the highlight of the year. :)

    (Carletta's Captures)

  4. I love all the canned fruits and preserves. Terrific shot :)

  5. Golly, I used to attend the county fairs all the time in the summer...but here, the fairs are held in the Spring because of the Summer's heat index...and I keep forgetting about it.

    My RT is HERE

    A note: I'm going to begin a new meme, started tomorrow evening. You may be interested in least stop by tomorrow around 6PM my time zone to find out what it's going to be like....

    Have a great day just filled with loads of sunshine!!!

  6. These photos take me back to the days my daughters and I entered items in the county fair. It was such fun to plan on and then attend the ribboned winners! Thanks for the memories!

  7. visions of such summertime rituals,
    the county fair.
    love this, thanks.

  8. Such colorful shots! Love the RED ribbons and the RED vegetables! :)

  9. Hi again!

    Great shots -love the ruby red ribbons!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday,


    btw Mine this week is IS IT ME OR ARE ALL WRAP DRESSES UGLY! Hope you can stop by.


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