Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gardens at Three Gables Inn.

Travel over to Work of The Poet for more Ruby Photograph.

Today more rubies from The B&B we stayed at. As a stated on yesterday Blue Monday Post there were many gardens there. You may enlarge each photo by clicking on them.

Here is the back door entrance.
So inviting with the red screen door.
This house is a Sears built home from the 50's
Sit on the porch and make a wish grazing on the Red Ball.

Gazebos are always nice to sit in.
There was a table and chairs..
Just perfect for the morning Cup of Coffee!
And view of the Herb garden.

Railroad tracks, once very busy...
The first time we stayed there (11 years ago), the trains were using the track. You can see it just beyond the Gazebo. We laughed remembering the 2am Train. We stayed in the Americana Room and the tracks are just outside our window. At 2am I was awaken with a Light, whistle and the roaring of the train wheels running along the track.
Today there are no trains that grace those tracks. The trains have stopped coming to the town. So we slept well.
Now this lovely Fence runs along the track and a garden just in front of it.

A close up of the ruby ones

these colors I really love together!
I will have to see if I have any photos from years gone by.
It would be nice to compare them.
There are some changes in the landscape,
However Peggy still owns it and the food and rooms are still Great!


  1. You have a very beautiful garden, with so many flowers!

  2. Wow I love your back porch, your garden is awesome, the gazebo is a place to get away, and the white fence love it! Very beautiful place you have. Thanks for sharing!
    Something red, yellow & blue

  3. I love the flowers and as well as the landscape.

  4. Beautiful...oh so very beautiful!!

    Thanks for visiting today.

  5. a wonderful plce to visit
    I really like the gazebo

  6. What a great p;ace to stay. Glad you got a good night's sleep!

  7. thanks for such a lovely garden walk this morning!

  8. Ok, I'll have bed, breakfast, brunch, and a week at this great place!

  9. I love your garden so beautiful....

  10. I love your garden so beautiful....

  11. Lovely photos with dashes of red in some of them. Beautiful garden.

  12. That looks like a beautiful place to visit and relax. Change can be sad but I think not having the train at night wasn't a bad thing

  13. Beautiful gardens. I'm cringing at the memory of the 2am train though - our campground in Maine had one. Not much soundproofing in a tent, either. Yikes.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  14. What a lovely place to spend holidays !

  15. It is a very nice pictures, I love the Gazebo, and the porch, it is so nice. It looks like a very peaceful place

  16. i'm loving that gazebo...i can bring my lappy and stay there the whole day, haha

  17. I always think those Sears houses are so cool -- a neat chapter in history. What a great B&B place. How fun!

  18. Lovely garden, Auntie E! Thanks for your loyal participation all this season! :)

  19. Lovely garden with exotic flowers. Awesome!

  20. It is hard to imagine that a house ordered from a catalog to put together from a kit is still standing and looks so pretty, esp the gardens! thanks for sharing! Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

  21. What a lovely place, I would LOVE to stay there and drink my morning coffee in that lovely gazebo!

  22. Wow, I love the place. I love to sit inside the gazebo have my cuppa with my favourite cake. Great photos.

  23. Oh I love the flowers and the landscaping too. Thanks for the post.

    BTW, I'm inviting you to join my blog anniv giveaway.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    My Ruby Tuesday post here

  24. Happy Ruby Tuesday!
    Following from blog hop...love to have you follow back!

    I am following all your blogs.

  25. Lovely gardens. . This would be such a pretty place to visit.

    Thanks for visiting. Sorry I could not post your comment because it contained a link.

    Take care & God bless.


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