Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowbound Brushes.

The Japanese Maple



With the two blizzards our bushes are buried. Today is a good day to dig them out. If you have evergreens, azalea or small trees, they need to be dug out the cleared down to the ground. The weight of the snow and the ice that forms under them can cause root and limb damage. It's like siting your indoor plant in water for weeks, the rot will set in. If you would to set a paperweight on the top the limbs would crack and break. More important in the spring the insects will set up home in the cracks. Then after the thaw the bushes could be lost. I have several expensive trees and bushes that need to be dug out. So now the digging begins. My rose brushes, lilacs and Japanese maple are the first to be dug out. with the 80+ inches of snow and about 30+ that has buried the bushes I will be busy for about two weeks working every day. So let the fun begin, now where will I put all that snow?


  1. Both pictures are perfect for RT. The top one because of the beautiful red leaves, and the bottom - well, we just know that the beautiful red leaves will reappear...

  2. Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how much snow you folks have gotten this month. My sister in law in Baltimore says she feels like she's suddenly been transplanted to Alaska!

  3. back breaking work but so worth it for the results.

  4. My bushes are ruined, but thankfully they aren't as expensive as yours. I can't get to them to dig them out, good luck with yours.

  5. I hope you have had some luck digging those shrubs out of the snow. They are just too beautiful to lose.


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