Monday, February 15, 2010

Curling at the Olympics

Curling is an outdoor winter activity. It has been around since the 16th century,it is believed. There seems to be a curling stone with the date 1511 on it. Believe to be introduced in Scotland. Kilsyth Curling Club being the first established in 1716 and to this day still exist.

This photo showing the men playing in Ontario in 1909.

In the United States the first Curling club was founded in 1830. Just 30 miles outside Detroit named Orchard Lake Curling Club.
Curling was introduced officially to the Olympics in 1998. I remember watching it and really liking the sport. Like in most sports there were special shoes

curling Poles used in sweeping the ice, guiding the rock

Old curling stones.

Over the years the stones have become better in color.

How the game is played. It is somewhat like shuffleboard played on ice. There are teams of about 8 to 10. Some members sweep the ice to help the rocks speed and steer the rock. After a player pushes the rock with their hand. You can not cross the Hog line. A line somewhat like a foul line in Blowing. The rock then lands on a circle where there is a bulls eye. Looks like a dart board. the scoring is similar to Horse shoes, exept the closes rock to the Button (bulls eye) gets the point.

As you can see here the team work together.

I love watching this game it will be played on Tuesday February 16th through the 27th 2010. The Men's teams start at 0900 and then again at 1900 hrs. Women curling start at 1400 hrs , then on the 17th of Feb. at 0900. You can view the schedule Here

Photos from Wikipedia, and the official Olympic site


  1. "16th century" - wow, would have liked to have seen a painting of that.

    Looks like fun, once you have figured out the rules.

    "special shoes" - ah, sounds like a good business for the shoemaker.

  2. YES! I LOVE LOVE LOVE curling! If I was an athlete, this would so be my sport!! Thanks for the Olympic Coverage on curling. :)

  3. Lovely roses given from a heart of gold I'm sure.
    I discovered curling several years ago and do enjoy watching the sport.
    Thanks for your recent visit and hope you come back soon.
    Warm Winter Wednesday Blessings ;-)


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