Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Heat is On..Snow is Coming

More snow coming our way. This weekend we are expecting 12 or greater inches. Hubby and I went out to get Pellets for the stove. We used different brands for the first part of the season. We found the need to clean out the stove greater as well as, the burn rate was faster. We tried to save money buying them. We are back to our preferred brand."Lignetics" a much better burn rate and less work for the clean out. They are a true 30 hour burn rate on the medium setting. We use a thermostat so tend to get longer burning times.
We purchased our stove in 2006. we were heating the solarium with an oil base electric heater. It ran the utilities high, cast as much as heating the house with the heatpump. We decided we needed another heat source. One that would be contained and at the same time environmentally friendly. Ours is by Lennox ,now Whitfield, style is Traditions, and a free standing stove. Now that I have learn more about these stove, I would pick another type. I like the pellet stoves, however there are some that allow you to clean the grate with out opening the door. After of the drama with the other pellets, many times I wished I had that type. Of course the style and color of our I love, have not seen any since.
Using the Pellet stove has helped with the heating of the house. This stove can put out some heat.

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