Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blizzard Number 2 -In the Same week!

Can you believe it, Two blizzard in one week! Yes that is what we were hit with. The first one dropped 38.3 inches of snow. The second one give us 17 inches more with snow drifts of 6 foot.

This is in the morning at 9:00 when it was blowing.

this is one hour later,10:00...
the Adirondack chair is completely buried..
Only the back shows because it is next to the house.

Now a video of the Blizzard, Taken in the front yard because I can walk out there! Our backyard is under the 50+Inches of snow, compacted it is about three feet deep and I can't get around. I will try today to get out the back doors. That will be a huge job to undertake, and where do I put all that snow? We have another storm coming next week so I need to get out and start digging us out. This video was taken at about 10:30am,we still had 11 more hours of snow fall and blizzard conditions. Today we are suppose to have some gale force winds. Although it is pretty calm right now at 8am.


  1. That's just the way it looked here yesterday, Auntie E! Today is sunny (as you can see by the photos on my blog) and beautiful! Thank goodness, some shovelers came at 4 this morning to clear all our snow away! God bless them! :)

  2. Are your snow melting yet? We have a very nice sunny day and I think some of our snow are melting, then refreeze tonight and have a slippery ice in the


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