Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday-Niagara Falls

Mary over at Work of the Poet
has more rubies to see. Every Tuesday we post our rubies of Photos we take and of course it has a little red in them...to make them real rubies!

We are at Niagara Falls Canada, what a gorgeous view of the Falls. Our room has a wonderful view of the falls. We are really enjoying the view. I was told the falls from the Canada side is a better sight. They are Right!

Please click on photos for a better view.
Canadian Horseshoe Fall
The rainbow is always there.


  1. Hey Auntie E, we're RT neighbors this week. I haven't been to Niagra Falls in years so this is a real treat!

  2. Very nice. I am thinking I'll be going through there, from the Candian side, in September. I'm planning a motorcycle trip. We had our honeymoon there 39 years ago. Now, too bad I have to qwonder how the border crossing will be. Natur is beautiful though. Your photos are also beautiful.


  3. roaring cataracts
    jolt me out of reverie—
    Niagara’s thunder

    Tiny Red Chapel

  4. I live just down the road from here. At the moment I am in Victoria BC. and it is wonderful to see a site with my neck of the woods posted. Lovely shots by the way

  5. Yay that place is awesome. I love to visit that place once again. Happy Tuesday!
    A Chevrolet red pick up


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