Friday, July 9, 2010

Animals in the Yard!

The Animals in the yard are coming out.....
Lets see there is:

The Rabbit....
He loves to hop around early morning and evening.

A closer view...

The Squirrels..
they love to play throughout the day and......
sometimes come into the gazebo!

The Frog...So Tiny yet loves the water and Gazebo.

His real size!

The Groundhog...Oh yes they are back...

And Finally Critter in the Pool....
Isn't he cute? He's a keeper for sure.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for visiting Texifornia and your post on Aloha Friday--especially since you went to the trouble to post it three times to get it right! I've been there with making typos! :-)

    You mentioned you've worked with Tornadoes and earthquakes. Is that clean-up? Good point about all the aftershocks...luckily, though I've been in/near both there wasn't much damage to either (a few things knocked off the walls during an earthquake, and a tree fallen and a broken lamp and window by the pool we overlooked in our last apartments during a Tornado.)


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