Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer time....Sharing the Poolside

Well it is the middle of summer time. The weather has been very hot. It is like I moved my house to Arizona. the heat is okay however, it is hard to breathe at times. I haven't been to any gardens lately due to the fact that the heat is so unbearable. We are going south in a week , so I will be able to visit a few gardens. Maybe even some with ponds.

We have been dealing with frogs by our pool. They are very active this year. These are tree frogs and do not have a fear of humans. I did manage to get a few photos for you.

I think these are white's tree frogs. It is really strange swimming with them around. I really do not like frogs. My daughter is the one that takes them and relocates them to a different area.

This frog is in the liner of the pool.
He likes it live there.

This frogs is on the ladder .
You can see it is a tree frog. Notice it's feet and they very sticky

Now in the sunlight and being moved.
Notice how white it is.

Now moved to a tree in our yard.

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  1. I'd be leery about frogs by the pool, too - Princess Nagger would love relocating them, though! ;)

    WW: Fun With Nigel


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