Friday, August 26, 2011

Natures furry....

Natures furry has been giving us a grand time. It all started out with heavy down pours in May. In June the heat came and boy was it hot! I felt like I had been transported to the midwest. With temp in the 100 and over. then we had some bad storms. Last week one took down a neighbors tree and it landed across our yard. They finely removed it yesterday. Then two days ago we had a earthquake that shook our house and allowed the snake to come into the house. The neighbor boy removed the gardener snake for me. It seemed like I had moved back to California. We were lucky because I have always attached the Cabinets to the wall and used Museum goop to hold my knick-knacks to the shelves.

Now I had to take down the gazebo covers and store all the outside furniture. Thanks to Hurricane Irene, heading our way. I think we are in for a rough fall and winter.

Here are some photos of the Nature furry we have.......

The tree down across our backyard

Storm across the skies....
this was in Myrtle beach the same time as the tree went down at our home.
Yes we were on vacation when it happened.

When we returned home on Monday we were greeted with the tree!

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