Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Fall Beauties

It is fall here , thought I would give you some views of Fall around me.

Playing with my Photo program I have enhanced a miniature Fall Train from Longwood Gardens.
Click photo to get the full view
Franks Produce is a place that we love to visit
for local grown produce and plants.We planted some Mums for the fall
and spruced up our driveway. Headed South for the Thanksgiving Holiday,
we got to see some Fall colors.
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  1. WOW! That tree-lined roadway is bursting with beauty!

  2. Definitely looks like fall has arrived...such a carnival of autumn coloring! Enjoy the holiday.

  3. Oh I loved that last picture. So pretty Fall colors!

    My Ruby Tuesday post

  4. Beautiful red captures! Happy Ruby Tuesday!


  5. Beautiful post with so many different red things!

  6. Beautiful! Thanks for giving me a peek at the fall, we do not really get that in Florida.
    Happy Holidays :}


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