Monday, January 17, 2011

Weather update here. Winter mix has arrived....

Today we had a nice winter day, however this evening and sleet and ice/snow mix arrived. It looks like it will be with us throughout the evening and into the morning hours.
It is a good thing I had a change the cover and prepare the plants in the yard. Winter is a tricky time in this area. Sometimes the plants get the wrong message, and think spring is coming.
Writing about the yard and garden in the winter month can be challenging. However I love to plant winter plants. So the next few week I will be blogging about some winter choices in landscaping. For now the Evergreens are swaying in the neighborhood. I think one strong storm wind will bring them down. We had ours removed two years ago, due to this purpose. It was very scary to see it bend in the wind. Now looking at the neighbors, they are almost touching the house tops. I will keep an good eye on them. Stay tune to the winter post.
How are the trees in your neck of the woods?

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