Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Winter Weather

Here in Maryland we are having a mixture of things. One newscaster will say no snow and than another will say an update.... just in, snow in forecast. We will get a dusting and I really mean a dusting. It is gone by the mid day! Now I am not liking this one bit!
The cold temp and no snow on the ground. Everything is brown and the wind has a bite to it. How depressing is this.....

I think we will try to have a fire in the next couple day and roast Marshmallows, to make Smores. I least that will be a little comforting for me. Comfort food always pick me up. So Off to the Store for some Graham Crackers for the Smores. I can Just Taste them now. How the Weather in your Town? Any signs of winter there?

**Photo of last years winter-of course this was taken in the month of February. So I think there is still hope here.

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  1. Our weather (after that great big blizzard) has been chilly and this weekend they forecast snow but just a little fell. Today has been overcast as if snow is coming but they've said nothing so far. Oh for the Sun and fun of Summer!


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