Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Corn maze time.

What fun going to a corn maze. We did just that over the summer.

First we arrived...

then we made it to the entrance of the maze.
Oh we had to pick out a flag...

Now look at the map....
Oh you want to know why we needed the flag......
It so the man in the tall lookout can find us.....
Just in case we get lost....

Now we did find a cool area....
And we made it out.....AT LEAST ONE OF OF DID!
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  1. This looks like a lot of fun. My son and I went to a mirror maze in Frankenmuth Michigan some years back. It's a - mazing how confused you can get because everything looks the same.

    Have a great day! La

  2. Oh wow! That is so much Fun. I like the View :)

  3. What a cool maze. It looks terribly confusing though, are you able to take a map in with you?

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  4. Looks like a lot of fun. I hope that you will add some more information to your post. Where is this maze? How big is it?

    Thanks for visiting my fire trucks this week.

  5. Maize quest fun park sound fun indeed. Hope you guys didnt get lost in the middle of the maize.

  6. Thanks for dropping by, That looks loads of fun I must show my daughter. I have seen them advertised here in England but never thought they would be that tall, my grandsons would love it . xxx Don

  7. I haven't tried corn maze because I am afraid I might not be able to get out. But if they have flag like yours I might as well give it a try this weekend hehe. Great shot!
    Favorite Snack

  8. Wonderful pictures. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.

    My Ruby Tuesday links:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  9. Beautiful shots you have, looks like a fun day!

    Please come and see the Ruby Tuesday at my page.

  10. Lookes like much fun :)
    Have never seen anything like that in Sweden or any other place I have visited.
    Thank´s for your comment at my blog :)

  11. love this blog entryx like the images and a happy ruby tuesdayxxlynda

  12. That was fun! Now did you go back?

  13. Should we take a left turn
    Or should we take a right?
    Oh, I hope that we are not
    In this maze all night!

    If we take a left turn,
    Will we find the right way?
    Oh, I hope that we are not
    In this maze all day!

    If we take a right turn,
    Will we be left behind?
    O dear gods and goddesses,
    To all lost souls be kind!

    Show them to the egress,
    Conduct them from the maze;
    When those souls are safe at last,
    They shall give you praise!

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Ruby Tuesday: Shy Guy

  14. Nice outdoor activities! Happy Mid-week!

  15. What a great post! Corn mazes are such fun. :)

  16. What an incredible feat for someone to pull off - a huge corn maze. It must have been fun, and I really like the fact they give you a flag - beats yelling LOL!


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