Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Winds.....The Rain...Spring Time Near!

The winds have arrived here. We had been enjoying a warm front the past few days. Time to get out in the yard and do some cleaning up. Preparing those garden plots and flower beds for spring. Now the winds have arrived, a cold front appearing. One gets that spring feeling and can not wait to see those first flower popping up.
Even through it is windy, cleaning the area can still be down. So, today I will be continuing the task.
Planning an herb garden and a flower bed. Cleaning out an old over grown area.

So this blog is back in section. Growing season and garden visitation will be coming back. The Winter break was nice. We enjoyed the outdoor activities as well as the little indoor flowering views.
Back to the out doors and yard view. Oh I am looking forward to the Lilacs this year. Oh that Smell......

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  1. I hope you succeed in your garden cleaning efforts! Our season starts in a few weeks and I can't wait to get my garden going again.


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