Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making The Right Replacement Decision

We are working on the side garden plot. There was a Red Bud tree in that plot. It blocked our vision while backing out our driveway . So It was time to have it removed. Needed to replace the spot with something else. Chose an Otto Luyken to fit in the spot. Went to the Nursery and spoke with an adviser. There were three realistic choices.

In the plot we already have Boxwood's and Azaleas. So we could go with either. Now boxwood's and azaleas are slow growing. The ones there are already at 4 feet high. Our Red Bud was a very large plant. Therefore it took up a large area.

Going to the nursery help us with the selection. Sometimes my knowledge can blind my mind. For you see I saw a Colorado Blue Spruce bush, which I have always loved. Thought I would buy that one. However thinking I should go to the Nursery to check on price and size. Once there we told the adviser what we needed to do and he took us around to view various plants. Giving us info on the plants. that helped us with the decision. It was a great experience. I decided against the Blue Spruce bush, it just wouldn't fit in with the existing plants.

The Otto Luyken is a fast growing plant, about 1 foot per year. It is mostly used for a hedge and has the same flowering season as the azaleas. Its leaves are evergreen and dark in color like the boxwoods. The leave shape is different, which I like. For it gives some contrast to the garden plot. Easy to maintain, just like the others ones. Most of all, it will fit in with the decor of the garden plot. Will not loose its leaves in the winter, as with all the other ones. Finally the flowering color will go nicely with the azaleas. Will just have to wait until spring to see them all flower together. Like the fact is has a second season of bloom. In the Late summer into the Fall it has these Red that turn into dark olive like berries (Seen in the photo above). This give more character to the garden in the fall. I will be planting some mums in the lower area. That will blend in nicely. We also have a Maple tree that changes color in the fall. It will all look great in the fall season. I am happy the the choice we made.

The Landscaper ,who is doing the work, will plant it in place of the Red Bud. I will be showing some photos later as the project is underway now. With the Storms we have had some down days. It should be done soon.

Genes name:Prunus Laurocerasus
Common name: Otto Luyken
Spring view.

Icon Photo is the Later summer/ fall view of Otto Luyken.


  1. You were smart to ask for advice. I have made so many mistakes and end up digging things up and moving them.

  2. Sounds like it will be the perfect plant for that spot and it'll be fun to watch it grow and fill in that spot!


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