Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Longwood Garden Beauties

We went to Longwood Gardens over the weekend. They have some great rubies there. I love the Conservatory, everything is laid out just right. When you walk into the Orchid room the smell overwhelms you! It is always that way. There were so many this year that had Red in them. Maybe it because we are always looking for the ruby color that the family eyes spied them. So here we go enjoy the view, Click on each photo to enlarge.

The Orchid Room- One of the walls.
There are four walls.

This is the Beethoven.

Known as the Rouge

This one was my favorite this year.
The colors are great together.
Love the ruby tips
I tied to get a great shot of its Ruby color.
It was much more ruby than these show.
The last shot is a closest.
Velvet texture is hard to Photograph

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  1. gorgeous blooms!! like natures ruffles!

  2. I love the detail on that flower, so gorgeous!

    Hope you can take a peek on my ruby tuesday, thanks!

  3. These are wonderful ruby orchids - quite different from what I've seen here, although there are hundreds of different varieties. [Yes, for many, these past two years of recession have really been a shocker. I'm sorry for your friends.]

  4. so beautiful! I love orchids so much.

  5. I never seen such beautiful and unique flowers. each is just amazing.

    Thanx for visiting my site to-day as well :)

  6. The orchid are little wonders. Good to have a camera, and make them arts forever.
    I agree with you.the pattern on the ruby orchid with white and yellow, it's breath taking.
    I'm thinking of him, who has this concern for the lilies on the field.
    How much more shall he care for us!!

  7. Orchids are lovely, and these are no exception. Thanks for sharing them!

  8. Oh what beauty, I can imagine their velvet softness.

  9. I bet that wall is absolutely gorgeous in person.
    I like the ruby one but the yellow is quite striking.
    Lovely shots!

  10. Thanks for sharing these beauties.

  11. I love Longwood Gardens, its the perfect place to go for fabulous photos of flowers. Yours are stunning.

  12. Spectacular, Auntie E!

    We have a couple of really nice orchid shows here in the Spring, and my Sweetie grows them as well, so I'm never far from my last vision of loveliness. ;)

  13. The flowers are so beautiful! To step into such gardens, our senses are heightened so much: visually, the colors and textures (velvet anyone??) and the aroma - I can sense that just by looking. Such beauty!

  14. Oh I love a Conservatory! And from your description I can just feel the air and smell that overwhelming aroma -- a feeling unlike anything else.

    Those orchids are fabulous too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. The orchids are so stunning1 I love the combination of their color.

  16. How I wish I have a garden like this

  17. lovely garden! thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. Annie, you had a wonderful visit, I know. Thank you very much for sharing the orchids.
    I hope your RT was happy. And thank you for peeking in on my red sailboat.

  19. Oh how I would LOVE to visit Longwood Gardens!

  20. Gorgeous orchids. We visited an orchid farm when we were in Thailand years ago, what an amazing place.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  21. Oh my gosh. These are amazing! Orchids are my favorite. I can't have real ones in my house because of my pets besides I can't keep them alive. I will have to settle for artificial :)

  22. oh my! those orchids are so beautiful. the colors together are so exotic...I haven't seen any like these here.


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