Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dad's Pond

I really Love going to Dad's. He has a fish pond. We (Dad and I ) put the pond in. I remember the fun time we had doing it. Let's see that was about 10 years ago. Made different updates to it since the first time. Now Things are falling apart and Dad stated he did not want to continue it. his word were" When the fish die that will be the end of the pond.". He had not been the same since Moms death Two and a half years ago.
I thought I would post a video and some pictures.
The photo to the left above can be click on for a closer look. it is Dad's reflection in the pond. He is looking at the fish, I took this and then turned it around so one could see dad's reflection.

This is the Frog fountain I bought for their Pond some years ago.

He had many fish in the pond.
These are the ones still there.
Mostly Coy fish now.

I remember years ago he had some Coy's. One year they all disappeared. We thought a cat got them. Because, the Neighbor stated a wild Cat was attacking his.Dad wanted to check this our before getting any more. I was out looking at the Pond and swore I saw a dark one swimming in there. Mom and dad were sceptically due to the fact they had not been feeding any for a long time and dad never had any dark ones. Well that got my daughter searching for it. Low and Behold there was one. It was not one that Dad had put in the pond. Our guess was that the coy fish had babies and this one survived! It was a Black Coy we called it Shadow, because it really did look like a shadow in the pond. Shadow grew to have some color on him, making him look gold. Shadow died last year, he was always a favorite of the family's.

Here is a video of the sounds and views of Dad's Coy pond.


  1. nice captures and love the reflections in the pond.

  2. my BFF that lives next door and her yard is like a Park, it is so beutiful.. anyway, her husband started with a small pond & it grew, they have lots of fish. their orginal Koi fish ( the oldest) died 2 winters ago.. we think because it was really cold & his pump he uses to keep an air pocket open couldn't keep up with the low temps.. last fall a raccoon got into the small one her made for her & ripped the liner, and he just happened to be home & get to her fish were flopping around with just about no water, so he had no choice but to add them to his, and luckily they all survived & no one ate anyone. so he filled in her small one & made a platform for a water fountain... it is so peaceful in there yard... thanks for sharing. Faythe @GMT


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