Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Around the World

I thought I would do something different and take you on a tour of this Arctic Freeze storm. I do not remember having one that has affected so many places at one time. Lets start with Spain.

This is how it works: hold down your CTRL key and click on each Blue link. That will open up a window for each and keep this window open. Be sure to leave a message on each blog telling how you enjoyed their photos. You can X out of each window as to travel, Then My window will still be open at the end. Let me know how you enjoyed the Snow Show.

1 .Snow in Spain, from Secret forest
2.Ludington Beach, Michigan from My Quality Day
3. Canada, from Garden Gnome Wandering
4. Woodstock, Illinios, from Will OaksStudio
5. In southern England,from Snow day Live blog
6. Birmingham and across the UK, from Joro Livelihood

3-D Snow photo above byJulian Beever


  1. I've just visited the blogs, and I've enjoyed them very much, it was a magical and chilling tour! Thank you so much for the mention.
    By the way, what about your photo? Is it a painting on the floor?

  2. That was a lovely, international trip and I didn't realize how many places were dealing with snow right now...thank you for including my blog, too!

  3. I visited your tour blogs and have to tell you I am totally sick of snow now even though some of the shots were great,like WillOaks Studio. I want spring.

  4. I've been waiting outside for the bus a few times today. I'm not really keen on seeing more of the white stuff just yet. But, I did think it was a pretty great idea for a post.

  5. Great idea, Auntie E! It didn't work for me just now but I'll be back to try again. :)

  6. The snow tour worked for me, Auntie E! Thank you1 What a clever thing to offer yoour readers! :)


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