Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ruby Tuesday -Rubies at the Beach

This is a Ruby Tuesday Post
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While at Camp Pendelton, California last summer, I took these photos.
You can enlarge each photo for that Closer Look.

On the cove side these rubies canoeing.
Look closely there are Two Canoes.

The Ocean side..
Daughter with walking on the shore..
Look closely you will see the seagull in the air.
Sometimes these unexpected photos appear.

We took this sunset photo through, Ruby sunglasses.
My daughters idea.
A closer look will show the ruby reflection on the water.



  1. I like the way the sunglasses distorted the shape of the sun. Very cool.

  2. Auntie E, I see the two canoes with the ruby rowers... Stunning pix of the surf and your daughter! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  3. So love all pics, wish i could be there, doing all things for fun this time, i needed a break from my chaotic schedule. Your post made my day.


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