Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Arctic Freeze Winter

We are in the winter months here and the Arctic Freeze has visited once already. It is returning for the week. Last night it Snowed about 2 inches. Now the freeze is coming behind it. We heat our Solarium and Laundry room with a pellet stove. I put it on low and closed the doors last night. This morning when I went out to check the pellets. it was 80 degrees! Like Florida inside and Winter wonderland outside. Boy does that stove heat. During the day I leave the doors open to the kitchen. The first floor gets the heat. Our heat pump doesn't even come on! It will be curious to see if that will be the case with the arctic freeze.



  1. That looks so warm and inviting, I'd no doubt spend all my time in there because even my bones feel like they're freezing. I would be so happy with 80 degrees.

  2. Where would I get one of those? This old house doesn't heat well and the gas bill is huge.


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