Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow Fall of the Season

There was a photo here, Kathy's Comments are no more.
Okay so It doesn't look like this yet....I can dream. As I look out the window the Flakes are big coming down. It looks like this photo the flakes are big and beautiful. Not sticking yet and probably will not for some time. The temp are still too warm. It does look nice though. the flakes are getting bigger and bigger as I am typing this post. Feeling like setting up the snow villages now. Listening to Snowing songs on the radio. They are excited about the first snow fall also. There is somethings about that first snow fall. I also bake Cinnamon buns on the first snow fall. So off I go to cook and get to those villages.


  1. Just looking at that snow is making me cold. Bbbbrrrrr. It so realistic too, look at the puddles. Clever!

  2. Okay, those gingerbread houses are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your pic with the fantasy snow. lol


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