Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -A Ruby Studebaker

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While searching through my photo for something Ruby,I found this Studebaker. Interesting Color, don't you think? I found the Studebaker National Museum site. Complete with the history, which I linked for you in Ruby Red. The history of the Studebaker brother was very informative. The Museum is in South Bend Indiana.
I was trying to find out what year this make is. The most interesting thing is, this Automobile, does not have a Style emblem on it only three Studebaker ones. I think it is a remake of about the 1940 time frame. Mostly due to the front grill. I by no means am a car expert...so if you know give a shout in the comments. Anyhow it a Ruby Gem (and I would like it in My Yard!!).


  1. Wow that is one Ruby Car!The grill is very interesting as well, I would love to see this car close-up!

  2. We had a car very like this when I was a kid. Yours is much redder and shinier! Nice photo for RT.

  3. Gorgeous Ruby Studebaker! Also thanks for linking to the museum website, it is fascinating.

  4. Red Studebaker,
    cared for lovingly, still purrs
    after all these years.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  5. The red of this car is fantastic.

  6. Truly a gem of a car! I wish they still made 'em like they used to.

  7. Wow! I haven't seen a studebaker in years! Except for the Americana Car show! That's a terrific specimen!


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