Monday, October 5, 2009

Autumn Winds have Arrived

I really love the winds of the Autumn time. Sometimes they are warm and sometimes cool. I recall the times in Upstate New York, when I would be waiting for a bus to go downtown or walking to and from school. The leaves would be blowing here and there, sometime in a circle. Remember Winnie The Pooh in the Hundred Acre Woods? The blowing of the leaves? One day I was sitting in the house and looking out toward the brick patio, the wind was blowing and howling . All the leaves that were trapped in the corner where blowing around in a circle....OH, if I had just had the camera ready. I will be prepared for the next time, and it is coming! There are so many thing I like about this time of year. The smells of fireplaces, the Crisp air,the falling leaves and all the fall flowers. Roses that bloom this time a year are so precious. The berries are just coming out on some pants. Leaves are changing their appearances. These things show the beauty of our land.
Enjoy the changes as we explore this time of year together. It's Fall time Indeed. Autumn Has Arrived.

Photo "Blowing Leaves" by David Ross

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  1. Yay! Autumn is my FAVORITE season. ;-)



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