Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Rain has Arrived

The weather here has been rain for a few days. Rain can cause all sorts of feelings to arise. In our family it was raining when we said goodbye to Mom at the grave site. This weather reminds my Dad and me of that time.Thinking of Dad, need to call him, not sure if it is rain in southern Virginia.
Rain can also dampen the outdoor Autumn activities. This is Homecoming Weekend. We are suppose to have a parade and picnic. Will not be able to go because of this rain. What a bad ordeal for the kids! I hope it will stop long enough for the parade. Lord, Can we have a little sunshine for this day, Amen.
The Dampness can also cause sickness. Colds, Flu and Allergies seem to flare up in this Weather. All the kids I know do not like to wear coats, carry umbrellas or put on hats. Therefore they tend to get the sniffles. We parents know how long it takes to get rid of those!
I always thought when it rains the air is cleaned..Learned that was not the case! The doctors have told me that all the pollen from the trees and plants are washed in the ground. this cause more allergy problems. So the Drizzle rain and blowing winds are not good for the allergenic person.
Let's see if I can think of a positive view for the rain. It provide the plants with the needed food for preparing for hibernation. The slow drizzling rain allows the water to soak into the soil. I believe the rain can help with the break down of organic material. That's good for the green gases. Rain can also clean our roofs and cars from the pollen and dirt. I guess it is like the earth getting cleaned.
Rain is good for our water reservoirs. We need to replenish them often. Power is also enhanced with rain. The more water moving though Niagara Falls creates more energy.
We will have to get though this raining period and gloomy days. It is time to move indoors and plan out our flower beds for the spring. Still time to get those bulbs in the soften ground. it will be ready next week for the hoeing the planting.


  1. I kind of like the always leaves that freshness behind and brightens up the drying hedgerows...without rain there is no life so that is a major positive!!

  2. Right you are, either I'm getting sick or my allergies are getting really bad. Hope it's the later. Feel achy like I have a fever though it didn't reflect that when I took my temp earlier. Taking my allergy meds, but feeling lousy, no energy, headachy. Cancelled dinner with Daddy, couldn't take the chance if I was contagious that he would catch it.


  3. Hi. I do not like rain these days. Well, especially when it is being brought by a typhoon.

  4. Rain is good for the plants.
    However, it is bad if it is too much.


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