Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -The Gardens at Bellagio

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While in Las Vegas, we visited the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. Just beyond the Hotel Lobby is a Kaleidoscope of flowers, what a delight it was! All the flowers are real.

The watering cans were amazing!
All the cans water changed colors.

The ruby found was a Lady Bug Beetle

there was a working ferriswheel. Only for the flowers.
Dancing water below.

This Fountain was all flowers yet it was lit and working as a fountain.

My Daughter is under the Water Archway.


  1. Beautiful and colorful series. Happy RT.

  2. Your photos make watering flowers look like fun. ;-)

  3. The ladybugs are cute, the flower sculpture just right for the shell. The reds around the building are subtle but add a friendly glow to the natural exhibit...

  4. Wow! Beautiful creations!
    I love that water archway.
    I bet this was beautiful in person.

  5. An abundance of red and colorful luxury.
    The Lady Bug Beetle seems to be made of flowers too!
    Stylish daughter in the water archway.
    Actually, "water archway" that is new to me, but I do get the the perfect image, the silver arches of water crossing the gang way.
    I'm sure you had a wonderful time there.
    From Felisol

  6. what a beautiful view, unique and attractive. I love those gorgeous flowers..

  7. Imagination reigns in Las Vegas. Neat use of flowers, especially the ladybug!

  8. Beautiful photos ... luv the ruby beetles ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I have Las Vegas on my "to see list"- unfortunately the ladybug will probably be gone by the time I can afford to go there. Lovely pictures!

  10. Isn't that just gorgeous! I do love that little lady bug too! One of these days, I'm gonna GET there!

  11. Such wonderful creations. I love the ruby bug! Happy RT!

  12. Beautiful photos! These flower creations are amazing. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

    My entries:
    Moms... check nyo

  13. amazing place! the lady bug is gorgeous!

  14. Nice shots! Vegas is the best place in the world to get color themed shots!!!

  15. Amazing gardens, auntie E! Thanks for sharing them with us on Ruby Tuesday! :)

  16. Very cool gardens. I love that red ladybug. Now if I could just get my red flowers to behave so well.

  17. What amazing colors. Vegas is really like no other place!

  18. How beautiful thanks so much for sharing your photos with us. I haven't been to Vegas since 85 and I have absolutely no photos from that time.

  19. great series of pics especially the lovely beetle.

    btw, i've 2 awards for you. hope you'll stop by and collect them.

  20. i have never seen like it!


    have a great tuesday!

  21. you remind me of my vacation to vegas last year..i miss this place esp. those lovely flowers


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