Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Song post Worked?

My song post worked the rain has ceased. Mister Sun is out and I managed to increase the alkalinity in the pool. Now that nature has topped off the pool, how Green is that! I can get to the swimming fun this weekend. Pool water temp is still at 66, however that is warmer than the Ocean or the Bay was. If the weather people are right ,the temps should be in the 80's for next few days, good for the solar heating of the pool. We only use Solar to heat it. So, on with the cookouts and fun backyard times. School is almost out and we need to plan for that party! IT"S SUMMERTIME........HERE WE GO......


  1. Hi,

    Be careful what you wish for...

  2. It's so much fun swimming in the pool during a warm summer day.

    Thank your husband for explaining why at least he found the joke funny. My DH didn't tell me.

  3. Ohh! You have a pool? Can we come over for a dip?


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