Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Confused Bee....

Raining Today... I wanted to post all about the wild life in my yard. Been taking photos of it. Will post it next Week. For today I wanted to post a Photo of an Confused Bee. While outside yesterday setting up for the School's Out Party, Dad and I saw this bee. He was flying around the Easter Lilly (a Late bloomer this year), not sure if he really wanted its' nectar. It was odd to me, but I guess this bee had not seen an Easter Lilly Before,lol.


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  2. Beautiful shot. I was at the Botanical Garden this afternoon planning to take some photos for a blogging competition but I ended up taking a few shot of bee pollinating. :)

  3. Nice shots, love the confused bee :-)

  4. Beautiful pictures of flower and bee..

  5. Auntie E, thank you for constantly visiting my site and dropping EC's.. very much appreciated:)

  6. Auntie e,
    Bees like flowers, bees confused because the flowers they just encontered.
    I remember many bees in my wooden house when I was staying in the village. These bees were very friendly insects.
    Wow, your photos are cute, you ready pay attention to bees.
    Have the nice day, see you soon.


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