Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chives in My Garden

Chives is a herb plant I like very much. All it parts are edible. Its' flower can be used in salads or on a dish along side of fish. We all know how to use the stems. My G-nephew loves to eat them right out of the garden. He calls its Onion Grass, lol, someday I will have to show him the real Onion Grass.
Here is the photo of my four year old Plant. Each year it get better and yields more Flowers.

Click on the photo to enlarge


  1. I seem to have a really difficult time growing chives. What is your secret? I've started some in the house in pots and they never seem to grow very large. Anyway what would be the best way to get a nice bunch like you have?

  2. oh, I think I have this one at the front yard but I never knew the name of it! Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi,

    I received you msg about adding the gadget to my blog, but I do not have your URL to copy into the gadget. Can you email it to me, thanks,


  4. It's beautiful! :)

    I have an award for you here. Please pick it up when you have the time. See yah!

  5. That is a wonderful plant, and beautiful flower! I love chives, but didn't know we could eat the flowers also..

  6. Mmmm, I also love to use chives as a garnish for my dishes. I especially love putting these on soups because they add flavor. What's more, they're very functional additions to a garden because these serve as safe and natural pest control agents.


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