Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Garden Secrets.....

Check out Work of the Poet for more rubies.

The Children Garden at Longwood Gardens is a great place.
I love the sign as you enter.

Okay I know there was no red there..It's coming up. I just had to prepare you for this one.
All gardens are fun when there is some mystery involved. I remember reading a book called the "The Secret Garden". A great book! A couple children find a garden hidden behind a wall. This garden has all the mystery a child could enjoy. So here is some of the Mystery for you.
(All photos can be enlarged.)
Can you see the ruby behind the plant?
What could it be.....

We will have to go through some doors to get to it.
This I found on my way.
Can you see a little more of the mystery here?

We are almost there...
but wait what's this...
A Ruby indeed.

we have arrived...
this is what was behind that plant.
Mr sun has come out to play.


  1. What a fabulous post! I loved the treasure hunt for the red; that was a great idea. The sign is wonderful, what a sense of humor they have there. It looks like a wonderful place to go with or without kids.

  2. Fun post...Longwood Gardens is a great place.

  3. Wonderful shots. Love the variety.

  4. Such a fun post - love the shots!


  5. The signs are too funny, lol !
    I didn't miss the red !

  6. What a fun post! I loved the rules.... served with a sense of humor. Secret Garden was a great book.

  7. I cannot resist a secret garden. Read the book as a child and was spellbound.
    Your tour had all the magic ingredients.
    Love it.

  8. What a beautiful place! Love those signs and the stained glass. It's a great place to visit. Great photos.

  9. There are a few rubies here - the smiling lizard as we enter has red as well as an engaging smile and the stained glass sun behind the robins leaves a bit of ruby hue. A wonderful visit, and what kid doesn’t just love a detective mystery??

  10. Those are really cool stuff and cool rules!

  11. So many good pictures. The stained glass shot is espeically beautiful...

  12. I so enjoyed my visit with you!
    I wanted to think it was a colorful bird but the stained glass is beautiful!

    I loved the signs too. :)

  13. wow! amazingly beautiful....:)

  14. I really do need to see this garden. By all accounts it's wonderful!


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