Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- At Dad's

Still visiting Dad in Virginia Beach. The back yard has a lot of plants. Through the years they have developed into these wonderful Rubies.
You can click on all the photos to enlarge for better viewing.

Dad in the backyard.

A garden ornament.

This plant is over twenty years old. It was taken from my Grandmother (the Seamstress) home. My Mother brought it to her home after the death of Grandpa. She planted it in this pot and there it has remained. Dad brings it in the house to winter and then moves it out in the spring. Never did bloom at Grandmothers home, but it has always bloomed here.

A closer look...

This is an old trowel. We used them to prepare the gardens for planting. I have one at my home however, Dads is in better condition. These are rare to see nowadays in our area. Most people who have them use them as ornaments.

this is the plow end...
Well as you can see some are not plants...but I will say they have developed into wonderful rubies also!
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  1. Nothing like a quiet stroll in the morning garden. Your dad has tended his garden well.
    Thanks for sharing and for your visit this morning.
    Happy Ruby day ;-)

  2. I chuckle fondly looking at your pictures. My mother always said, "A little red goes a long way." Those flowers are ruby gems peeking out from those leaves. Just lovely!


  3. Perhaps your grandmother's plant blooms because it is brought outdoors in the summer.

  4. Hi, I'm Yoii from Apron Senorita. I enjoyed visiting your Dad's garden. God knows exactly when we need beautiful blooms of love in our life. The plant is lovely.

    Yoli :)

  5. of course you know auntie e, the nicest picture in this post is your dad!
    how great it is to have a dad, eh?
    the garden is simply wonderful and so is that little raccoon!
    your gramma's plant is a perfect ruby tuesday picture!
    oh that darling tiny red flower peeking out from between the shapely green leaves!

    when i saw that antique trowel and when i read that you USE it and it is not for decoration[although i guess it is now until next planting season] it reminded me of my elderly friend, mrs garner. i was over at her house for dinner one time and she brought out a mason jar in which she had canned peaches.
    auntie e it was blue![the jar i mean]...really really old and at that time had a value of about sixty dollars..
    "mrs. garner", i said, "this jar is worth so much money and you are USING it?!!"
    "well terry" she said, "that is what it is FOR!"
    and here you and your dad use this probably expensive old antique of a trowel.,,,just incredible, eh?
    happy ruby tuesday to you and to your dear dad.
    dad doesn't look too antique..it must be because of that nice weather he gets in virginia...he has discovered the fountain of youth.!!....love terry

  6. Love the racoon and the trowel!
    Your grandmother lives on in a special way.

    My daughter lives in nearby Chesapeake so I know it is hot down there. Keep cool. :)

  7. I love the raccoon with the ruby red apple! How wonderful that you could be with your dad on Father's Day!

  8. I forgot the name of this flower but I am familiar of this one, my mom used to plant this. Happy Tuesday!

    RRT~Red Hollyhock

  9. Auntie E, lovely post for your dad and all the little RED things! :)


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