Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- Street Festival

While at the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, we went to the LARGEST Street Festival. It was so much fun, this was the first time we had been to the Street Festival. The Tents went on for miles, I could have walked for hours. However the hubby, daughter and boyfriend all could not keep up and so I walk around mostly by myself. Thought I would show some Rubies I saw. You could Walk with me.
These are some things they missed out on.

The Stage

The Food...Oh the smells!

OH....those Lines!

Let's shop....

Dolls, oh yes....

Take a closer look... Click to look around.

Traveling time....Wanna go to Japan?
Look at the food served...
(take that closer view of the table)

First class.. is the way to go..
Now that's great Airplane food!
(Click to look closer)

Godzilla made a showing.
click to see an up-close and personal view.

So now we all must leave, you know how it goes...
Godzilla shows and we all run......

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  1. Facinating food :-) they make it an art. thanks for sharing.

  2. I wish i was there, lovely photos.

  3. Lots and lots of festive, funny red.
    The food is pure art. Id ride with a Japanese airplane just for tasting that delicious food.

  4. How fun!!!!

    Loved going along with you...fantastic photos.

    Thanks for stopping by my RT anniversary celebration.

  5. What a fun looking festival! Thanks for taking us along!!

    Sandy from the Heart of Texas

  6. How fun, you know I love a good festival and this one looks great :).

    By the way, I can easily do that fabric shot (or any of them) in an 8x10, I just haven't done double listings. If you want one, it's US $20 (plus shipping), just let me know and I'll put a listing up. Larger sizes are available as well, just ask :).

    My photography is now available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  7. That was surely a lot of fun.

    It's my first time to join this meme and here's my first entry. Have a great week ahead.

  8. Happy ruby Tuesday. My children are part Japanese.

  9. I love festivals of any kind ... I know they can get crowded but ther is soemthing very tangible in the vibe they create .....
    Nice post!
    Gena D

  10. That is what I like about festival, food and shops are a plenty. Happy RT!

    My Cardinal

  11. Street festivals are always fun. And I love the food!

  12. Love going to street festivals! Happy RT.

  13. What an array of merchandise!
    My knees wouldn't let me today but a few years back this would have been a great day out for me. :)
    Looks and sounds like you had a great time.

  14. Nyahahah.. godzilla stole the fun! ;-) That's a lot of reds and yep am having looking at it. Those crafted stuffs looks so beautiful and I guess it's more beautiful in person! And the place looks like a Disneyland, a lot of peeps..

    Here's My Ruby Tuesday: Red Bougainvillea Flowers and Etc ... See yah.. ;-)

  15. I love these kinds of things. The food is the best, but not always the best place to take kids. I know mine would get restless from walking.

  16. Oh how they missed out. I LOVE street fairs, that one looked amazing! And the cherry blossoms in DC I never got to visit, I will one day I hope. Happy WW!

  17. Wow, this looks like a ton of fun. Street fair, food, and a beautiful day!

  18. I'm jealous! That looks amazing!!!

  19. what a great way to spend the day! looks like great fun.

  20. Looks like a fun festival. Yummy food too.

  21. what a site! did you sample any of the yummy looking food? My favorite tho is Godzilla! I always had a weakness for him ;) Happy WW!
    Faythe @GrammyMousetails

  22. That looks like so much fun! I love street fairs but I have never been to one as big as you describe here.

  23. I love street festivals. Always a great time.

  24. Oh how fun!!! Thanks for the pics! I wish I was there!!

    Glenda @ Me and Mine in a Small Town

  25. A lovely walk through the festival without having to deal with the crowds... I can only imagine what you didn't get photos of...


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