Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ruby Tuesday-Red Leaf Bandit

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We had beautiful weekend weather. The kind that speaks to you saying"come out and rake me". Since the leafs were dry, they were ready for the task. My daughter started to rake when she realized that the leaf blower will cause some particles to embed in her nose and hair. So this is the protection she donned on.
The Red Leaf Bandit

Now the leaf blower in use by the Red Leaf Bandit.
Our leaf blower in sucker mode, which mulches as it sucks them up. We like this because it makes a good winter mulch cover for the garden. Also it breaks down faster, making the soil more enriched.

See the Zipper on the end of the bag?
Once the bag is full just unzip and empty it at your desired location.
The Red Leaf Bandit did a wonderful job.


  1. Great bandit! We got a lot of leaves here, too.

  2. I wish I had one of those, it would come in useful at times!

  3. Gotta call it a leaf sucker not a leaf blower, right, Auntie E! I wish I had one too! Happy Ruby Tuesday! Your daughter is adorable!

  4. Ha Ha the Red Leaf Bandit. I liked that. Great leaf blower.

  5. Hi Annie, I do like your leaf blower-puller. Ours only blows but then I paid $5 for it at a garage sale so what should I expect?
    Besides we only have two trees that drop leaves and one of the neighbors. The wind can blow those away almost as fast as they fall.
    Happy RT! Thank your for visiting and for your nice comment. :-)

  6. You have a wonderful assistant to help in the yard and garden. We have a lot of leaves that need to be raked up around here. Yikes.

    Thanks for stopping by and Happy RT!

  7. Ha, ha. That's funny. Red Leaf Bandit. :) Great post.

  8. Love the "red leaf bandit" what cute shots and great memories for the both of you :)

  9. Your daughter takes a mundane job and makes it more than bearable.

    How? She dresses for the occasion! A plain white hanky works, but this stylish ruby scarf is the best. Likewise, a simple cheap baseball cap would work - this hat has color, style and flair! Making the most of a humble service, she makes it look fun...

  10. she did a great job
    she helped the earth
    and she looked adorable!!

  11. cute Red Leaf Bandit! Well done! She is a great helper.

  12. we've been having fun with our leaf vacuum too.. :-)

  13. Wish I had one of those blowers and a leaf bandit at home to help in my yard. :)
    Great shots and what a wonderful daughter to help out!


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