Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ruby Tuesday -Fall Viewing

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My English Tea Roses just had to have their last show of beauty.
These were taking yesterday.

Here is a closer view, click on the photo to enlarge.
Such a work of Beauty!
Her colors are so vivid and blended just right.

Rose Hips await harvesting.
The First frost to be this week.
I will be harvesting them soon.


  1. What a speckled beauty! Glad you could capture it for us to view.

  2. Lovely colors in this flower.

  3. The first and the last flowers are always most appreciated.
    These were a magic wonder.
    I'd never think of mixing yellow with these shades of red. A painter told always to take a look of nature when blending colors. These are just great.
    From Felisol

  4. Taken yesterday - wow how wonderful to have a last showing this late in the season!
    They remind me of peppermint - lovely macros.

  5. Love the color of these great tea roses.
    Happy RT and November to you...

  6. Ahhhh just lovely blooms it is always nice to find color like that at the end of a season. Great photos!

  7. Wow, Auntie E, an extraordinary tea rose! Thanks for participating in Ruby Tuesday! I really appreciate it! :)

  8. What nice rubies, the bold colors of Summer make us feel warm as they appear just before the cold appears. We need reminders that the warmth was here - and will arrive again!

  9. so beautiful tea rose. i love the color so much.

  10. So pretty, tea rose happens to be my all time favorite smell I'll bet they're amazing!

  11. That's an impressive "last show!" I especially like the bright yellow centers.

  12. What a beauty! and that combination of colors are quiet rare here.

  13. Those are certainly beautiful, I so hate to look around now and not see a lot of different colors.

  14. Great capture of the flowers. It'll be some time before we see them again.

  15. Those are beautiful!

    What do you use Rose hips for?


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